Analog Clothing: Wheel Wash Collection

If you haven’t heard of the American casuals label Analog, they take inspiration from the skateboarding and surfing culture and create relaxed, laid-back clothing to suit this market. Not along the lines of Billabong though – this is much cooler stuff. Focusing on function and utility, Analog’s target customer is not afraid to be an individual and requires a defiant attitude to dressing.

The brand’s AW12 offering features an interesting capsule collection with an even more interesting story behind it. This hand-picked range is created using a pioneering technique whereby traditional washing stones are replaced with used skateboard wheels. These wheels have accumulated a lifetime’s worth of grease from the mean streets and this results in a uniquely soft, relaxed feeling product. This is especially noticeable in the denim range, which is buffed and softened by the wheels and feels superb to the touch.

The most impressive piece in the collection is undoubtedly the denim jacket with Sherpa lined collar and vintage detailing. The wash is perfect – a light denim which compliments the lining perfectly – a great alternative to your traditional vintage Levi’s or Wrangler jacket. Other noteworthy products include a range of pocket tees and chinos, for the ultimate in laid-back West-coast style.

Channel your inner skater and get on board with this collection. Get it?

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Analog Wheel Wash Collection:

Analog Wheel Wash Collection