British Remains T-Shirts: Spring/Summer 2012

A few years ago, Andrew Bunney and Daryl Saunders couldn’t find any decent t-shirts. They were after something unique, and wherever they looked they couldn’t seem to find it. No brand was delivering what they wanted. When this sort of situation arises there is only one option for those that truly care about what they wear; do it yourself. Sticking to what they know, British Remains celebrates, mocks and reminisces bygone Britain, from contrasting entire subcultures to magnifying everyday details.

Every morning millions of Londoners lock their doors, grab their bags and head off to the nearest tube station. The Underground has entangled itself earphone-like in to our lives, our work and especially our wallets (a stab at how expensive it is as well as the fact my oyster card is a permanent resident of my leather billfold). More importantly, the London Underground is British – in the dullest of ways – and this is the main reason the duo has chosen to focus on it for the sunnier months of 2012.

The plain black and white designs capture the lack of emotion that seems to fuel the trains down there, but the team also manages to glimpse that typical British smirk in amongst the thick and dirty air; philosophical quotes whimsically scribbled on service information boards.

Whether you’re silently fuming at the guy playing music out loud, queuing up at the ticket machines to top-up or standing on the right-side of the escalator, British Remains boasts a sense of pride that is somewhat lost in today’s soft and politically-correct Britain. I do say, don’t you know.

Looking good isn’t important, it’s everything.

British Remains 2012 Spring/Summer Collection:

British Remains 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

British Remains 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

British Remains 2012 Spring/Summer Collection