Cherchbi | Quaterre Bike Furniture Collaboration

Cherchbi and Quarterre’s unique collaboration makes the quest for true life style extendable, beyond our wardrobes.

In the modern, fast-paced world that we live in, where it is easy to consume masses of data in an instant, one has to think out of the box, and move beyond the recognised in order to achieve individuality. This is exactly what Cherchbi and Quarterre have done – men’s accessories meet ‘Man accessories’ to create a line of furniture for bikes that are, put simply, just damn cool.

The collaboration came about due to a passionately shared vision and value: to produce British made products from premium materials. Quarterre’s unique bicycle storage solutions have been featured in the likes of Esquire magazine as well as Wallpaper.

But why a collaboration on bike furniture? Cherchbi states: “You have a lovely bicycle which you lean against a wall inside your lovely home – why?” Many of us can probably recollect a time when we did the same; our brand new bike is carelessly propped up in the garage, hallway, or even left outside. Quarterr’s three signature storage solutions are masterfully designed yet undeniably simple, which makes them all the more covetable.

The process began with Cherchbi applying its signature Herdwyck No.10 tweed and British saddle leather trim detail to Quarterre’s Hood and Branchline stands, which were “reinterpreted in an understated Cherchbi colour palette”.

The Branchline

Branchline is a stylish piece of furniture that displays up to two bikes with space efficiency:

Cherchbi | Quaterre Bike Furniture Collaboration

Cherchbi | Quaterre Bike Furniture Collaboration

The Hood

The distinctive sculptural form of Hood is architecturally inspired, creating a striking feature for any space:

Cherchbi | Quaterre Bike Furniture Collaboration

Cherchbi Cycling Bags

To complement these modish designs, Cherchbi has also launched two new cycling bags: The Cadence, which is one of the most refined messenger bags on the market, and a new shorter-strap Archive Messenger in Herdwyck No.10 tweed. ‘Cycling Chic’ just became a new buzzword.

These bags are presented alongside the main collections from both brands:

Cherchbi | Quaterre Bike Furniture Collaboration

These products and more are available at and

Happy cycling.