Dirty Velvet T-shirts

If, like me, you are a fan of graphic T-shirts, you need to be aware of Dirty Velvet. The brand started out in 2006 and has since been quietly making a name for itself as a provider of truly ‘original’ tees. With an emphasis on creating thought provoking designs that steer clear of the mainstream, Dirty Velvet provides us with fashion that displays an altogether different view of the world we live in.

Although the creativity speaks for itself, it is also the brand’s focus on producing ethical fair trade clothing (using 100% organic cotton) that helps to set them apart.

As urban themes run throughout almost all of the designs, each print is a work of street art in its own right. The influence of artists such as Banksy is clearly evident and strengthens the understanding behind each image. The versatility of each garment is never ending too, being so impactful in their very design means that they can be worn with any coloured bottom, in almost any fit, to create an effortlessly urban style. However, when paired with other prints, patterns or classic neutrals, the result can also have a retro or vintage feel – perfect for the current seasonal trends.

With an image to suit everyone and interesting political thoughts running alongside them, this is ethical, urban fashion at its best. Stylish tees are not trend dependant, they are constant – and at prices starting from £14.95, they are also highly affordable!

Check out the full collection over on the Dirty Velvet website.

Dirty Velvet T-shirt Collection:

Dirty Velvet T-shirt Collection