Engineered Garments Brookline Jacket

If we’re still yet to convince you that camouflage is going to be a key trend for the upcoming spring/summer 2012 season – and that you can actually pull them off with ease – then this Brookline Jacket from Engineered Garments may be perfect for you.

Engineered Garments have managed to do what many other designer brands previously have failed to; create and produce a stylish yet distinctive reversible item of outerwear.

Due to its reversibility, it provides the end user the versatility to incorporate it into a variety of different outfits. For those of you that lack the confidence to wear full camo print – or want to build up to it – you can wear the blazer navy side out. After all, every man needs a navy blazer in their wardrobe; the added bonus with the Brookline Jacket is that the camo lapels and inside lining gives this classic a modern spin and helps stay subtly on trend.

You can also choose how much of a statement you want to make. Why not try rolling the sleeves to show an additional flash of camo print? When you are ready, you can simply turn the jacket inside-out to showcase the full effect.

An additional benefit provided by the camouflage outer is that it is made from 100% nylon, as opposed to the navy side’s nylon/cotton blend. So, if the weather should take an unpredicted turn, the camouflage side’s full length snap closures keep the jacket water resistant and weather appropriate in an instant.

Overall, this is a perfect fusion of on trend fashion, versatility and practicality. In our eyes that makes it a winner. You can buy the Brookline Jacket now at selected Engineered Garments retailers worldwide.

Engineered Garments Brookline Jacket:

Engineered Garments Brookline Jacket

Engineered Garments Brookline Jacket