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I bowled Chanderpaul lbw before lunch, scored a penalty against Chelsea at afternoon tea and beat Usain in the 100m final before dessert.

That was all metaphorical (I once ran 100m in over 20 seconds – but I was only 12.) What I have actually done – which is of exactly the same significance – is found a resource I’m sure you’ll love. It’s Mr Porter’s ‘video manual': a series of interviews with the pinnacle of male fashion.

Whether it be Michel Bastian, master of modern prep, or Jean-Claude Colban, a man who must be the French equivalent of Stephen Fry, all have some advice to bring to bear. Each two minute interview is focused around an area of expertise which the interviewee specialises in, and all include two tips to help you formulate your fashion.

It’s a real gold mine of information and knowledge.

Top 5 Mr.Porter Video Manuals

Before you launch yourself at the whole lot, I’ve picked out the top five you must see:

Kean Etro – Patterns

The philosophy of fashion, in as far as one exists, is a topic we don’t often see discussed. The emphatic Mr Etro nails it: “feel what you want to feel, what you need to feel.”

Jean -Claude Colban – Pocket Squares

His voice is amazing, and more than that he gives some seriously good advice on pocket squares. His clarity in expressing the intangible quality they convey is exceptional: “It should not look stiff.”

Patrick Grant – Ties

He mentions both Prince Charles and the Duke of Windsor whilst talking about ties, and by doing so Patrick Grant wins himself the title of ‘most British.’ On a more useful front, he also explains why he favours a four-in-the hand knot.

Paul Smith – Small Touches

“Just mixing things up a bit.” That sums up most of fashion: trends, patterns, details all aim for this effect. Good thing of the best contemporary British designers devoted his video to it.

Michael Bastian – Button Down Shirt

Paying attention to a specific piece, Michael Bastian investigates the button down collar. As a beacon of prep, he illustrates why this needs to be in any wardrobe which is influenced by American prep.

Head over to Mr.Porter to check out the whole series.

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