I don’t think I would be wrong in presuming that they majority of people worldwide will have experienced how much fun it is (trying) to assemble IKEA’s flat pack furniture – and if you anything like the majority of us here in the FashionBeans office, it won’t take long before you’re awfully frustrated and ready to throw the towel in.

However the guys at IKEA have perhaps just made this mindless task that little bit more interesting, with their latest venture into the world of beer.

Now by no means do we condone excessive amounts of drinking – however, the idea of partaking in a couple of bottles of lager before attempting to construct such furniture does raise a slight smile, even making the whole assembly process seem slightly more appealing.

The beer, entitled Öl Mörk Lager, is only available at select stores within the UK for the time being. It is a 4.7% dark lager, and if reviews are anything to go by (receiving a score of 3.46/5 so far), its ‘slight malty taste’ and ‘sweet undertone’ has been a success – with the quality of the lager actually surprising many customers.

The dark bottle design features a sketched drawing of flowers on the label, complete with the IKEA signature and instantly recognisable blue and yellow logo.

You’re probably wondering why on earth we chose to share this information with you, seeing as it hasn’t really got anything to do with fashion… and quite frankly you’d be right! But the concept that you can now buy just about anything from your local IKEA shop – including affordable furniture, lighting, food and now alcoholic beverages – was an unexpected surprise that we thought might appeal to our male readership!