The James Bond Of Watch Brands

There are many watch brands out there that can give you a certain look or style when you wear them, but perhaps the most iconic brand is Omega.

Omega officially became the king of mens watches when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong walked on the surface of the moon in July 1969. They wore their trusty Omega Speedmaster watches, and cemented the brand in history.

The astronauts of Apollo 11 were huge celebrities on their return from the moon landing, and their fame and success rubbed off on the brand. Every man wanted to associate themselves with the all-American heroes, and getting an Omega Speedmaster was a great way to do it – the style became a symbol of masculinity and pushing yourself to the limit.

Today, Omega is worn by the ultimate man’s man: James Bond. In the 1996 film GoldenEye, Pierce Brosnan sported the Seamaster model, which has been worn by Bond ever since. With the release of Skyfall, fans of the franchise will see Daniel Craig wearing a new limited edition Omega Seamaster watch (named the Planet Ocean) with a run of only 5007 pieces.

Bond’s watches are designed to be suitable for diving, and the latest model can be taken down to a depth of 600 metres. It also features a nitride diving scale and a rotating diving bezel. The limited edition features a ‘007’ symbol engraved on the clasp, and in the place of the number seven on the clock face itself.

The specific models worn by James Bond have always been popular amongst modern gents, as they epitomise Bond himself – stylish, classic, timeless, confident, reliable and expensive!

In terms of which Omega timepiece to buy? If you’re after an investment watch (that you can use for years to come and even pass down to your future generations), look for one with a metal (stainless steel) bracelet, as opposed to a leather strap. Although leather is a timeless material that oozes luxury, it is more susceptible to wear and tear, especially if damaged by water or extreme temperatures.

Sapphire crystal glass is also a good find, as it is scratch-proof and should withstand the stresses of daily life. Water resistance, chronographs and date displays all provide added functionality, but if you want a watch that will truly adapt to you current wardrobe and any future trend, opt for classic simplicity.

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