We have seen pretty much everything when it comes to men’s fashion here at FashionBeans, but every so often a product turns up that makes you question how you ever lived without it. When Würkin Stiffs® got in touch with the team to tell them about their magnetic collar stays, they promised us that they would become one of those little style essentials that helps take our looks to the next level. They weren’t wrong.

Würkin Stiffs® specialise in magnetic collar stays. You may have come across collar stiffeners before – they slide into the special collar pockets of your dress shirts in order to keep them rigid and therefore looking sharp at all times. The Würkin Stiffs® magnetic collar stays, named Power Stays™, takes this principle one step further by introducing a small magnet that you then place on the inside of your shirt, allowing you to keep the position of your collar tips perfect at all times.

What this means for you is that your shirt and tie combination will now always look its very best – by altering this seemingly minute detail (to the millimetre) you will be able to create the aesthetic you desire within all your formal outfits. A perfectly formed tie knot can now be positioned and framed by your shirt, and due to the fact they are magnetic, it will look just as great at 9am as it does when you knock off at 5pm. After work, when you lose the tie and head to the bar, you can achieve that pristine ‘Tom Ford campaign’ look, even with 2 or 3 buttons undone.

As regular readers will know, we here at FashionBeans have always preached attention to detail; the way you place/fold your pocket square, how you tie your shoes, the colour of your socks or even something as simple as how many buttons you do up on your shirt. This is the type of product that can take outfits to the next level, keeping your refined and elegant appearance intact at all times.

Not only that, the company have also released a similar product for casual shirts, Polo Stays™, which means those sharp smart-casual looks you have been putting together can also benefit…

Formal Shirt – Power Stays™

As you can see in the image below, these great little gadgets will instantly stiffen your collar and allow you to achieve the aesthetic you desire. Simply adjust how far you want the collar tips apart, so you can finally get rid of that dreaded limp collar or the John Travolta ‘Saturday Night Fever’ wide spread collar.

So what is the benefit for the modern male? It will instantly turn any shirt you own into a smart button down collar:

Würkin Stiffs Power Stays™

Würkin Stiffs Power Stays™ Video

Würkin Stiffs Power Stays™
  • 6 6.25cm Power Stays Most Popular Size6 6.25cm Power Stays Most Popular Size
  • 6 Assorted-size Power Stays™6 Assorted-size Power Stays™
  • Replacement Power Buttons™Replacement Power Buttons™
  • Herringbone Black Union StaysHerringbone Black Union Stays
  • Check Black Union StaysCheck Black Union Stays
  • Plaid Yellow/orange Union StaysPlaid Yellow/orange Union Stays
The Casual Alternative – Polo Stays™

Würkin Stiffs Polo Stays™

The polo stay works in exactly the same way as the original power stay but there is no need for collar stiffener pockets on your shirts. This means that it will work on ALL shirts – from chambray to linen to cotton casual shirts, as well as polo shirts and your ever-expanding collection of Oxford shirts.

So how does it work? This time you simply stick one Polo Stay to the bottom side of each collar, apply heat with an iron and they will not go anywhere for at least 60 wash and dry cycles.

These are quite simply brilliant for any of you who prefer a smart-casual look. Without buttoning your shirt to the very top, your casual shirt collars can look untidy and will often have a life of their own. With the Polo Stays, combined with Power Buttons™, it allows you to position them exactly where you want them – keeping them looking sharp and refined at all times whilst also getting rid of that common problem of collar ‘curling’, which naturally occurs after a couple of washes!

How To Use

For example, say you want to pull off an Ivy League inspired look this spring/summer. You pair your beige chinos with some brown loafers, a pastel pink shirt and a beautiful linen or herringbone blazer – a great outfit but Ivy League is supposed to be clean cut and have an underlying sense of upper class rigidness to the aesthetic. Your shirt collar flapping over the blazer lapels lets you down.

With the Polo Stays, these can be positioned perfectly inside the blazer. With the smallest change, you have taken the look from good to the embodiment of Ivy League.

Another classic menswear combination comes in the form of a v-neck jumper layered over the top of a shirt or polo. With the polo stays you can give your look that small tweak that will set you apart from the crowd – adjust your collar tips so they stay just inside the neck of the knit.

Most men will have their collar fall over the top of the jumper, as it is the way an unstructured shirt would naturally lie. However, by keeping yours tucked in, you have made that small change that sets you apart from the crowd whilst smartening the look up in an instant.

Würkin Stiffs Polo Stays™ Video

Buy Polo Stays™

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?
A: Place the Power Stays™ into your shirt’s collar stay pockets and place the super-strong magnets on the inside of the shirt… It’s that easy!

Q: I don’t get it… Where do the magnets go?
A: The magnets act like hidden buttons which go on the underside of the shirt. Between the underside of your shirt and your skin. This means all you “button down” collar guys can finally wear your straight collar shirts and button them down too!

Q: How strong are your magnets?
A: These are not your ordinary refrigerator magnets. Our magnets are the strongest magnets on earth. You never have to worry about the magnet just falling off.

Q: Will the magnets affect my computer when I wear them?
A: No… the magnets would have to be placed directly onto your computer, monitor, equipment, etc. to affect such items. Wearing Power Stays as suggested will give you control of your collar, not make everything go out of control.

Q: Will I feel the magnet touch my skin?
A: The magnet is drawn up to the Power Stays™. Very, very rarely do you ever feel the magnet, if ever at all. We have never had anyone complain about the magnets touching their skin. We have had some people say that they keep touching the magnet to make sure it is there. Oh. . .by the way. . . It’s there!

Q: Do the collar stays rust?
A: Power Stays™ are made of a unique high-tech alloy that is corrosion resistant as well as magnetic.

Q: Can I Wash Power Stays?
A: It is not the stays themselves you need to worry about, they are corrosion resistant. The magnets should be taken off for protection and safe keeping.

Q: What do you mean by fully adjustable?
A: You can position your collar to your personal desired look and maintain the spread of the collar by the use of our super-strong magnets. Enjoy the butterfly? Leave the magnets out. Like it high and tight? Pop’em in. And of course you can do everything in between.

Q: Will I make it through the airport metal detector?
A: Absolutely. Power Stays™ are undetectable to the metal detector. You can catch your flight, without looking like the Flying Nun!

Q: What if my shirt does not have collar stay pockets?
A: We have developed a solution for shirts without collar stay pockets… Polo Stays!

Würkin Stiffs Accessories

The Würkin Stiffs range is not limited to just the Power Stays, and every single thing they create is innovative and unique. Like their one-piece Cufflinks with mind blowing images on both sides of the cuff; Italian calfskin leather RFID Wallets and Passport Wallets; stylish knotz™ contained in a crystal-clear glass vial, with a natural cork stopper; as well as Fashion Power Stays™.

Shop they full range over at the Würkin Stiffs website.

  • Herringbone Gold/blueHerringbone Gold/blue
  • Plaid Purple Union LinkPlaid Purple Union Link
  • Heads UpHeads Up
  • Grey & Blue KnotzGrey & Blue Knotz
  • Würkin Rfid Blocking Passport Wallet With External Money Pocket – ShadowWürkin Rfid Blocking Passport Wallet With External Money Pocket - Shadow
  • Würkin Rfid Blocking Wallet With Outside Card Pocket – AntifreezeWürkin Rfid Blocking Wallet With Outside Card Pocket - Antifreeze