Molton Brown Anti-dandruff Jackberry Hairwash

There will be many men around the world who suffer from dandruff, so specifically with you in mind; here at FashionBeans we’ve got the ideal solution to help tackle this highly common yet embarrassing problem.

Courtesy of luxury grooming specialists Molton Brown, comes the Anti-Dandruff Jackberry Hairwash.

Aiming to combat the cause and (most importantly) visible signs of dandruff, this hair wash has been designed to control a flaky scalp by reducing the amount of oil on the scalp whilst conditioning the hair. This has been achieved through a careful selection of ingredients – all of which are crucial in making this product a real success.

The Jackberry Leaf Extract, taken from the African Jackalberry Tree, helps to reduce the amount of oil the scalp produces. By blending this with other ingredients, such as Piroctone Olamine (the anti-dandruff active which helps control and prevent a flaky scalp) and Guar gum, it not only leaves hair feeling refreshed and conditioned but also aims to put a stop to your dandruff troubles once and for all.

A quick search online only confirms its potency, with customers and the media alike singing the shampoo’s praises. Retailing at &ound;19, this is one hair care product worthy of your investment.

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Molton Brown Anti-dandruff Jackberry Hairwash

Molton Brown Anti-dandruff Jackberry Hairwash