Murdock Green Check Wash Bag

Murdock London is one of those classic British barbers who pride themselves on their stylish gentlemen’s salons – all of which have the relaxed and personable atmosphere you look for in a barbershop.

As well as providing luxury grooming services such as wet shaves, Murdock supplies a collection of men’s fragrances, grooming products and accessories. Of course, much like their grooming services, their whole range is of the highest standard.

This Green Check Wash Bag [shown below] is a great example Murdock’s fine quality. Handmade in Walsall, it’s one of those durable and essential items that you will always be able to rely on – whether used for a short weekend away or a summer backpacking.

Also coming in Tweed and Plain Black colour ways, this is a wash bag that exudes luxury and elegance – you could take it to the finest of hotels and never have to worry about looking cheap.

This bag, along with the other Murdock range and services, can be found at their stores in Covent Garden, Soho, Mayfair and the flagship in Shoreditch. Alternatively, visit their online store at

Murdock Green Check Wash Bag:

Murdock Green Check Wash Bag