The Alternative Hawaiian Shirt

Fashion is bringing Honolulu home to the British Isles this summer with its tropical prints and classic Hawaiian shirts. If you’re an avid follower of fashion you’ll be aware that Hawaiian Shirts are trending everywhere this spring. The magnetism of fun fashion seems to be irresistible to designers and brands the world over but let’s face it, everyone needs a little bit of sunshine in their life – and their wardrobe.

Let us rewind a decade when the Hawaiian shirt was scrutinised and not touched with a barge pole by any self respecting male. It was more a wardrobe accessory for the overweight comedian or embarrassing American Dad in a sitcom. This was the general consensus when the Hawaiian shirt was mentioned but the who’s who in fashion has enforced a retro twist of fate; making the Hawaiian printed shirt the number one item to be seen in this summer.

Embracing the Aloha shirt by emulating the authentic Island designs are the brand Paradise Found, available at The shirt collection is inspired by the 1980s American television series Magnum PI. Tom Selleck, the star of the show, was a private investigator living on Oahu, Hawaii and was a celebrity endorsement for the Hawaiian shirt – epitomising the fashion of the 80s.

This collection has something to tickle everyone’s fancy because it accommodates all men – from those who love colour to men who prefer neutral tones. For those of you not so off the wall, this cream Hawaiian oversized shirt is a charming alternative for you. Key Features include a Hibiscus print, button down front, one chest pocket and a notch collar. A romantic tropical vision is captured perfectly.

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Paradise Found – Cream Hibiscus Summer Print Hawaiian Shirt:

Paradise Found - Cream Hibiscus Summer Print Hawaiian Shirt

Paradise Found - Cream Hibiscus Summer Print Hawaiian Shirt