River Island Nilbert Leather Loafers

Put aside the fact that you have already read the title of this post, would you be shocked to discover that these leather loafers are the creation of high street brand River Island?

Because here on FashionBeans, that’s just the reaction many of the team here gave when they found out the slip ons formed part of the strongest spring/summer 2012 collection we’ve seen from the store thus far.

The detailing, the features and the construction that has gone into these tasselled loafers are what gives a much more luxurious appearance than the expected high-street standard.

Available in both navy and brown, these sorts have been constructed from soft supple leather, housed upon a white rubber sole. The intricate specifics that makes up this footwear piece come in the form of typical tasselled detailing: a trimmed fringe detailing and a woven leather toe box – of which is surrounded by a visible whipstitch seam.

Extremely reasonably priced at just £40 for this amount of work and detail, these tasselled loafers could become your essential footwear style of the season taking you from day right, through to night. Easily dressed down and quite equally dressed up to suit more formal situations if needs be.

To get your hands on a pair head over to Asos now to avoid disappointment.

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River Island Nilbert Leather Loafers:

River Island Nilbert Leather Loafers

River Island Nilbert Leather Loafers