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For trainer and sneaker fans, the name Saucony will not be an unfamiliar one. But for those who may pay less attention to the more underground sportswear brands, it may be the first time you will have heard of them.

The company focuses on technically advanced trainers that are tailored specifically to runners, who are their key demographic. However, lately we have seen running trainers cross over into the fashion market, with many styles being chosen for their form rather than functionality. Brands such as New Balance and Saucony, which were previously only worn for their practical and technical aspects, are now being worn as trend pieces.

Following on from this, men’s high fashion e-tailer Oki-Ni have begun to stock some of Saucony’s new season styles – and is clear to see that the brand is not only aware of its new place in the fashion market, it is playing on this. Whilst the newer styles have many of the attributes of their classic designs, clearly aesthetics have played more of a part, with more exciting colourways being chosen.

For example, the ‘Grid 9000’ style now comes in two bold palettes of purple, slate and white, and also black, white and neon yellow. Even the more traditional blue and white colourway has been updated with flashes of neon yellow. These new Saucony designs perfectly bridge the gap between fashion and function, with both runners and trainer fans now able to find a place for them.

Sportswear is bigger than ever this year and with Olympics fever at an all time high, it may be a while before this trend is behind us. Until then, expand your footwear collection and choose brands such as Saucony. Not only will you be on trend, but the early morning run for the bus or train may be just that little easier.

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Saucony at Oki-Ni

Saucony at Oki-Ni

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