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For many a man, Christmas is a trying time – rounding off loose threads in the office, ensuring you stay well-groomed in the face of the endless parade of parties and gatherings, traipsing the high-street in the vain search for a gift your other half will actually like – let’s face it, most gents are just not genetically fit for purpose when it comes to the more involved aspects of yuletide preparations.

For men of this particular persuasion, help is at hand from online luxury retailer my-wardrobe. Recently launched in time for the winter holiday season, the Christmas Room is intended to be a one-stop solution for all your yuletide dilemmas.

An interactive guide to assist with sartorial inspiration, this sleek page sports an easy-to-navigate design, featuring click-and-shop links organised by gender, trend, budget and fashion personality.

As well as making the gift-procuring experience a much more palatable affair, the Christmas Room also incorporates a ‘Party Boutique’ section, which will ensure you make a sharp impression at the inevitable office soiree. The handy ‘Be Inspired’ link lets the site user shop via the pages of my-wardrobe’s exclusive luxury gift guide, whilst the ‘Wish List’ feature allows your nearest and dearest to drop not-so-subtle hints of want they really want to find under the tree this Noel.

Translating the unavoidable errands of the season into an intelligent shopping experience, the Christmas Room at means you’ll have Christmas all wrapped-up without even having left the comfort of your armchair and plate of mince pies.

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The Christmas Room at my-wardrobe:

The Christmas Room at my-wardrobe

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