Shirt Shuttle

When we came across the new Shirt Shuttle – an innovative invention by Commuter Technologies – it made us wonder why nobody had come up with the idea before. Don’t all great inventions make you say this?

The shirt shuttle works to solve once simple problem; keeping your beautiful dress shirts looking crisp and crease free whilst travelling; ensuring that you arrive at your destination looking pristine.

The Shirt Shuttle has been ergonomically designed for this particular purpose, consisting of a curved edge folding board that slips inside a high strength, yet lightweight, water resistant case. The carry case also houses several interior grips, keeping the shirt securely in place during transport as well as preventing the collar from being crushed.

The way the device works is simple. You wrap your shirt around the curved edges of the removable folding board (the curved edges ensures that key areas of the shirt remain uncreased.) Once the shirt has been completely folded around the board, simply fold down the hanging clip to keep the shirt locked securely in place and position it inside the carry case – it is as simple as that!

Retailing at just £30, the one question you need to ask yourself is: Can your daily commute really afford to go without this innovative crease free contraption?

If the answer is no, head over to the Shirt Shuttle website to find out more and get your hands on one of these essential business travel companions.

The Shirt Shuttle:

Shirt Shuttle

Shirt Shuttle