Thom Browne Gold Round Sunglasses

Thom Browne, former creative director of Polo Ralph Lauren subsidiary Club Monaco and GQ’s Designer of the Year 2008, has taken a break from conceiving his distinctive range of suits to create an equally peculiar pair of sunglasses just in time for… winter?

Although some of you may have safely retired your designer eyewear for another year now, sunglasses are just as important an accessory during the moody months as they are during the joyful ones. Overcast skies still produce heavy glare, and our eyes need protecting from risks such as UV rays and macular degeneration. Being that this is a fashion website, and everybody reading this can be expected to have at least a passing interest in fashion, I’m sure you’ll all agree that there can’t be any harm in making sure you look good while doing it.

Sticking with the avant-garde design nature that has helped made his name, the new Thom Browne sunglasses are a quirky twist on the browline eyeglass silhouette invented by Ronsir in 1947 and further popularised from the 80s onward by the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Max, and later Clubmaster, style.

Browne’s design adds a top bridge to the classic shape, which is accented in gold at either end – matching the colouring of the bottom rims and the nose bridge. The temples taper at the tips, detailed with Browne’s signature tri-colour striping, which offsets beautifully against the rich navy blue of the frame.

A bold new take on an enduring classic, these Thom Browne round frame sunglasses are available now at selected eyeglass boutiques worldwide, and if anybody does track a pair down – please let me know!

Thom Browne Gold Round Sunglasses:

Thom Browne Gold Round Sunglasses