Top 5 Stocking Fillers

Here at FashionBeans we know how hard it can be to find gifts for the ones you love (or have to love). So, we have made it our self-proclaimed mission to supply you with some inspiration to help fill those all important stockings. We’re talking small and inexpensive bits that are guaranteed to put smiles back on tired faces.

With this in mind, sit back, relax and let us guide the way….

1. Ted Baker Pearl Tie Bar

Ted Baker Pearl Tie Bar

Suit accessories are trending like crazy at the moment – I see pocket squares every day of the week. However, tie bars are still a rarity and I have no idea why. This sleek piece from Ted Baker is like none I’ve seen before and is too cool for its own good.

Available at: ASOS priced £35.

2. Il Bussetto Leather Cardholder

Il Bussetto Leather Cardholder

Wallets are a controversial item. The next time you go into Starbucks and order a pumpkin spice latte, have a look at the number of people who take notice of what you whip out. Leather is default. Leather is necessary. This warm plum purple number is a superb choice.

Available at: ASOS priced £25.

3. Vans iPhone 4 case

Vans iPhone 4 case

I know the iPhone 5 is out, but there are still millions of us walking around with the 4 and 4S – and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. It is rather odd that the sole of shoe can become iconic, but who cares, this case is awesome.

Available at: ASOS priced £25.

4. Red Sneaker Socks

Red Sneaker Socks

Funky socks should be compulsory at Christmas. It’s almost like their silliness spreads up the leg and envelopes the rest of our bodies in warm happiness. There’s only one thing better than wearing shoes – wearing socks that look like shoes! Available in red and blue and perfect for filling the big sock.

Available at: Urban Outfitters priced £8.

5. Casio W-214HC-1AVEF

Casio W-214HC-1AVEF

Okay, it’s not a G-Shock – but it’s never been about what you’re wearing but how you wear it. With the global Casio A168WG-9EF epidemic (that gold one that everyone seems to own) retro, inexpensive timepieces are trending. Jump on the bandwagon already.

Available at: Amazon priced £14.99.

Looking good isn’t important, it’s everything.