Universal Works Boot Socks

With winter rapidly approaching, it’s time to dust off the heavy artillery in the mission of keeping warm. One of the hottest new accessories, the boot sock, helps you do just that. Universal Works offers you boot socks with a classic, rugged edge that is perfect for adding a masculine vibe to any smart-casual outfit.

The two options presented here are a rich ribbed caramel marl and ribbed stone with burgundy detailing on the toes, heels and top of ankles.

Caramel Marl Boot Socks

The beautiful caramel marl boot socks give off a more refined feel and are perfect for grounding any colour accents in your outfit. The 50% wool blend is sure to keep your feet warm and cozy throughout the snowy months to come.

Wear them with a tweed blazer, a big scarf, brown leather hi-tops or boots (naturally) and your chinos tucked in for an on trend nod to heritage style:

Universal Works Caramel Marl Boot Socks

Universal Works Caramel Marl Boot Socks

Stone-Grey & Burgundy Boot Socks

The second pair comes in a catchy stone-grey and burgundy combination with a nice thick ribbed texture.

With these you can easily create a new spin on the iconic prep look. Try pairing them with a classic navy blazer, a crisp white cut-away shirt with a solid knit tie, a pair of dark leather boots and your favorite chinos again tucked into the socks.

The burgundy detailing at the top of the ankle will nicely set off any Ivy League inspired style. These socks come in an 80% wool, 20% nylon blend in order to better protect your feet from wet snow and rain:

Universal Works Stone Ribbed Boot Socks

Universal Works Stone Ribbed Boot Socks

Boot socks are quickly becoming staple winter accessories, and you should pick up a pair now. They offer you a great sense of warmth and protection against the upcoming freezing months, whilst providing that much sought finishing touch to your outfit. As we all know painfully well by now: it’s the details that count.

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