George and Lucy (two completely fictional cheaters) have both decided to go behind their significant other’s backs. Nice one, guys, stay classy. But although they’re now both tarred with the same dirty brush, new research suggests that their reasons couldn’t be any more different.

A recent survey by Superdrug Online Doctor polled over 2,000 Americans and Europeans, asking some critical questions about why people two-time. Generally speaking, women’s reasons focused on the emotional: partners that stopped paying attention, someone else offering a shoulder to cry on and having doubts about a relationship.

Most men – surprise, surprise – had a less nuanced response, and it seems our temptations are mostly physical. The other person being hot topped the list as the most-cited reason, shortly followed by flirtatious behaviour from another and a lack of sex at home. And of course, while motivations will always vary from person to person, the study’s findings seem to support psychological hypotheses that women exert more self-control.

So, the next time you fancy yourself a George, don’t just ask if it’s worth it – ask if your romantic interest shares the same intentions, too.