Realistically, there’s no bad time to have sex. Well, maybe at a funeral, because that’s just creepy. But there is, apparently, a good time to have sex.

According to health experts at Forza Supplements the preferable hour to get horny is 7:30am. Research conducted using 1,000 participants (not all at the same time, mind) found that a morning bang bodes well for the day ahead.

Hammered headboards at dawn reportedly cause a rush of endorphins that lower blood pressure and stress levels, leaving you upbeat for the day ahead.

The study also found that leaving a 45-minute window from wake-up to getting it up is preferential, as this allows the body to recalibrate and build stamina following a good night’s sleep. Which, you know, makes all the difference.

Still don’t consider yourself a morning person? You soon will be.