If you were to undertake the same resistance routine, day after day, week after week and month after month, eventually your muscular system would become accustomed to the exercises and any potential increments would eventually diminish.

It is vitally important, in order to keep progressing and achieving new personal bests, to constantly change your workout. This will keep your muscles guessing and shock them into further development. It’s the reason why health professionals will advocate changing your training regime every 6-8 weeks.

Changing Your Workout

The problem with constantly altering your training schedule, in which changes can be made to the exercises, resistance shifted, sets completed and repetitions obtained, is that eventually you start to run out of ideas. When changing your workout routine, one method that individual’s often fail to consider, yet ironically is arguably the easiest of all the variables to alter, is to simply change the order of your exercises.

Sequencing is a sure fire way of spicing up your training regime because it doesn’t require any complex thought processes, new equipment or training advice – yet it still keeps those muscles guessing for a further 6-8 weeks.

You can alter the sequencing by manipulating the exercise order or the muscle order. Let us know take a closer look at both of these relatively simplistic methods:

  • Exercise Order: If you break down your training sessions into muscle groups, then on a typical chest session you may commence with inclined bench press, before moving onto flat and declined bench press, before finally finishing on dumbbell fly. To alter this regime and send your pectoral muscles into a state of shock and panic, simply reverse the exercise order. You’ll be amazed at the difference.
  • Muscle Order: This alternative is available to those of you that train multiple muscle groups within a single training session. If, for example, you usually train your chest with four exercises followed by your triceps for a further four exercises, then simply commence with your triceps regime and finish with your chest exercises. Depending on how you group your training sessions, this method is likely to shock your system more than ever!
Final Word

So there you have it, two easy methods to freshen up your training regime without too much effort. There’s no problem with completely changing exercises, but when you have to do this several times a year, year in year out, you sometimes simply run out of ideas. When this occurs, remember this article and remember to keep it simple. There’s no point reinventing the wheel now is there?

The bottom line is, as long as your training regimes are constantly changing and your muscles are constantly kept guessing, then you will continue to strive forwards and achieve new goals.