Baracuta Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Baracuta are most famous for being the brand that created the now iconic Harrington jacket silhouette, championed by the likes of James Dean, Elvis and Steve McQueen.

Its classic cut, tartan lining and practicality has seen the style transcend class, time and fashion. It was a staple of Mods, Skinheads, Suedeheads, American rebels, Italian and modern gentleman and anybody else who has recognised its versatility and premium quality.

With all that in mind, details of Baracuta’s spring/summer 2014 collection have just been released.

Dubbed the ‘Cosmopolis Series’, the outerwear is designed to cater for the typical drizzly British summertime. Trench coats, Harringtons and three-quarter length jackets all appear, along with blazers, hooded jackets (for those flash storms in Piccadilly) and thinned-out gilets.

The range offers something for everyone, from timeless pieces like the beige trench to light summery alternatives and slightly bolder picks (the mustard suede Harrington tops the list).

In the meantime, check out the brand’s current ‘Synonymous and Antonymous’ campaign, which highlights the Harrington’s timeless appeal and versatility through bite-size interviews. The jacket has been intertwined with music and cultural history, and continues to do so.

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Baracuta Spring/Summer 2014 Collection