Harrods opens new Louis Vuitton boutique

Louis Vuitton – two words guaranteed to send your luxury radar into overdrive. Say the words to yourself and a veritable picture book of images cascades neatly into your mind.

French heritage style; beautiful hand crafted leather wallets; trunks emblazoned proudly with the ubiquitous ‘LV’ logo; contemporary, cutting edge ready-to-wear collections; and, of course, the beautifully laid out stores – something LV shares in common with London’s own luxury conglomerate Harrods, making it only natural that the two should combine forces.

The Knightsbridge-based department store will now play host to a new Louis Vuitton boutique devoted entirely to menswear, embracing the luxury and superior quality so synonymous with both names.

Spread extravagantly over two floors, and connected by a stylish staircase, the new Louis Vuitton outlet will stock everything the fashion-conscious man could want – from travel accessories and luggage to shoes and LV’s latest pour homme collections, including the new explorer-themed line for AW13.

So if style and luxury are the watchwords you live by, I’d say a trip back to Harrods is in order…

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Harrods Opens Louis Vuitton Boutique