LOB Mexico AW13

Embracing what has come to be one of the season’s strongest trends, LOB Mexico reveal their take on grunge styling. With a carefree, dressed-down mentality, this accessible collection provides all that is required by the young, practical dresser with an edge.

Working within a wearable palette of charcoal greys and washed out blues, the collection boasts playful styling that remains both achievable and effective. Denim, chambray and lightweight cottons form the classic core of this offering whilst logo tees and quirky accessory use keeps the look youthful.

Layering surfaces as a key part of the aesthetic, with sweaters worn over polos and soft shirts, and thicker plaid and flannel thrown on over plain tees. Similarly, jackets are utilised effectively within the layered looks, providing a rockabilly touch as well as nodding toward the current leather trend.

Key pieces within the collection include the range of slim-fit washed jeans and the tee with breast pocket detailing. However, the strongest piece that epitmosies a modern grunge aesthetic is the check shirt with contrast button stripe and shoulder patches. It’s on trend check detailing and wearable design will surely appeal to many a style-seeker this season.

Proving that the grunge look has a place within contemporary fashion, LOB Mexico has taken the intelligent approach – combining playful styling with wearable designs to create a truly accessible collection.

LOB Mexico AW13