Nike’s news that it was finally dropping the Air MAGs – those laceless hi-tops Marty McFly first wore 27 years ago (or was it last year, since he jumped forward to 2015? Time travel’s a puzzler) – got many sneakerheads hyperventilating. It’s the perfect storm of hype: nostalgic, a reissue that isn’t quite a reissue, and the odds of actually getting your hands on a pair is slim to none.

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But any time traveller knows you need something to cart all those hoverboard batteries and sports almanacs around in. Enter the COMBACK rucksack, a Back To The Future-inspired bag featuring the shoe’s same grey colourway and glowing lights.

There’s only 300 made and you can toss your glowing hat in the ring on 21 March, when it goes up for sale, by raffle, from KIX-FILES. We want one, even though we’re disappointed that it looks like you’ll have to do the straps up yourself. Why the hell haven’t you cracked self-tightening bags yet, science?