After years of non-stop blade adding by the big players of the shave world (I think we’re up to 34 with Gillette), rolling out a tool known as the OneBlade can, on paper, sound like a backwards step.

Yet the new tool from Philips is far from a single blade disposable. Then again, nor is it a standalone shaver or a trimmer.

Philips’ invention fuses rotary shaving with the benefits of a trimmer and features a double edged hybrid razor with a replaceable head that lasts up to four months.

Capable of moving 200 times per second whether being used wet or dry, it’s easy to see how it cuts through hair with ease.

Not content with just being a surprisingly small and stylish-packed grooming all rounder, the OneBlade also comes with four clip on combs to trim beards between 1mm and 5mm.

Now that really is cutting edge.

The Philips OneBlade is available in the UK exclusively at Boots, priced £34.99. For more information visit