Individualism, progress, competition and materialism: these are the basis on which American industry bloomed and flourished. This season, two great American brands are teaming up for a collaboration that exemplifies these ideals. Timex and Red Wing Shoe Company have released a joint collection built with the essence of America’s core values and industrious spirit.

For 2016, Red Wing Shoe Company is putting a new spin on Timex’s iconic Waterbury Collection. It’s a range that’s always stood out for knowing just how much retro is interesting, not nostalgic, with design ably supported by Timex’s quality of craftsmanship. The new additions possess all of these elements, but with the inclusion of Red Wing’s sleek leather straps.

The collection comes in three sizes, one of which is a chronograph, and feature a vintage-inspired dial and leather strap stamped with the Timex logo. The sharp black faces set against silver cases perfectly show off the same luxe, yet tough leather working that Red Wing has specialised in for more than a century.

This exceptional collab celebrates Timex’s 160th anniversary crafting timepieces, during which its carved an identity based on durable, unpretentious design at reasonable prices. Characteristics it shares with its new pal.

Available at END Clothing, priced £79.99 – £99.99.