It’s Friday, it’s payday weekend, and you’re feeling electric. The creaking inbox can wait, for it’s onwards to the pub with your work mates and then, probably, a boozy meet-up with people you actually like. Well, here’s a bit of scientific research to drink to this evening.

A study by the University of Exeter showed that social drinkers exhibited much better recollection the next day when tasked with a memory challenge. Which may sound ridiculous. But two groups were divided, one forbidden to drink, the other to drink as much as they like, and it was the latter team that performed much better when repeating the test.

The reasons why are still up for debate, but one argument explains that since alcohol reduces the capacity to learn new information, the brain consolidates recent memories into the long-term. Lest we forget, and all that.

What’s more, the research seems to corroborate an earlier report by the University of Copenhagen, in which a glass of wine was shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s – an illness very much surrounding cognitive ability – by as much as 77 per cent.

The downside? The study only promotes moderate drinking, meaning one or two drinks rather than the whole keg. Should you choose to binge however, don’t expect to remember as much (or those texts you sent to your ex).