King Louis XIV of France wasn’t all fur cloaks and tights. The man liked a heel, too. Which comes as little surprise from someone who owned over 1,000 wigs, but such was the #menswear coming out of Versailles at the time. Where do you think the term ‘well-heeled’ came from?

Good old Lou has been dead for about 300 years now, so you’d be forgiven for thinking his tastes were also six feet under. But judging by a slew of vertically enhanced celebrities this year, it seems heels are on the rise again.

Kanye West, Harry Styles and Justin Bieber are just three famous faces recently spotted in booster shoes of late. Fortunately, it’s a stacked heel and not a stiletto that these fellas have been stepping out in. Instead of a dainty, bejewelled slipper, Hollywood’s heightened shoe du jour seems to be the Chelsea boot – a failsafe way to add some inches without looking like you’re paying homage to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Even so, slipping into heels is a risky strategy and not just because you could roll an ankle. So if you’re going to do it, follow these quick rules and don’t fall off your stylish pedestal.

  • As well as keeping to more masculine, round-toe shapes (such as the Chelsea boot), stick to shoes in classic, neutral colours. Anything pointy or covered in leopard print will make you look like a glam rock tribute act.
  • Your trousers (preferably slim to skinny jeans) should hit near your ankle – around the same place trousers would with no break. Go higher, and you’ll look like you’re peacocking; go lower, and things get a bit ABBA.
  • Avoid heels if you’re on the short side – rather than disguise your height (or lack of) you’ll draw attention to it, like Tom Cruise trying too hard on the red carpet.
  • Equally, avoid them if you’re on the tall side. If built like Peter Crouch, you really don’t need a boost.