How far would you go for the perfect body? A daily trip to the gym? Protein shakes? A strict turkey and broccoli diet? For some, that’s not enough. And if new research by the Crime Survey for England and Wales is anything to go by, ‘some’ is quickly turning into ‘many’.

According to the figures, steroids have seen a four-fold increase in the UK, supporting an argument that men are increasingly succumbing to pressures of body image. To put that into perspective, the increase is dramatically higher than stats for cocaine, legal highs and cannabis, which is still the nation’s most commonly used drug.

With up to an extra 19,000 people using steroids, the drug has received more air-time of late with figures such as Spencer Matthews admitting to ‘juicing’, a term widely-used by the bodybuilding community. With social media, TV and movie screens awash with six-packs and Herculian torsos the like-for-like culture of better physiques may be contributing to unrealistic body goals.

The worry, of course, is that steroids can do much more than just develop muscle. The drug is linked to increased chances of stroke and heart disease, psychosis and liver failure, all #gains we want nothing to do with. Stick to an all-natural approach to body-sculpting instead.