Turns out a breakfast of champions really does deserve the crown. Having a larger dish to start your day can accelerate weight loss across the board, new research has discovered.

According to a joint study between California and Czech Republic-based health institutes, ramping up your breakfast could well bring down your body mass index, more commonly known as BMI. Over 5,000 participants were monitored in a long-term survey, and those that ate breakfast every day as their largest meal saw a significant weight decrease if other meals were kept smaller.

Participants who regularly skipped breakfast and snacked throughout the day however, were found to be more likely to gain weight – proof that breakfast really is the most important meal.

Speaking of the study, research lead Dr. Hana Kahleová said the findings lend credence to the old phrase: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” That’s not to say five extra rashers of bacon are recommended, but sticking to the good stuff – eggs, porridge, fruit and the like – could well keep the weight off.