Work is making men mentally unwell, according to a new survey.

One in three men with poor mental health say work is to blame for their illness, compared to one in seven who say the problem is outside of work, according to a survey by mental health charity Mind.

Only a third of men suffering with mental health issues feel like the culture they work in makes them feel comfortable speaking out about their problems.

Mind surveyed 15,000 people across the UK, and found that men are twice as likely than women to report their job is the reason they’re mentally unwell.

And we’re not helping ourselves. Just 29 per cent of men say they’ve taken any time off work due to mental health problems, compared to 43 per cent of women. The survey found that men were less likely to do anything about problems when they arose.

While women are more likely to have a diagnosis of a common mental health problem, such as depression or anxiety, 78 per cent of suicides in 2013 were male.