Who: Luka Sabbat

Where: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, New York

Influencer Luka Sabbat was quite literally dipping his toe in the pink theme at the Victoria’s Secret show this week, pulling it off by having the shade contrast so sharply with his all-black blazer, louche shirt and wide-legged jeans uniform.

Who: Liam Payne

Where: Vogue One Year Anniversary Celebration, London

Want to shed your tween-bopper boyband image for something more grown-up without resorting to the argyle jumpers and fluffy slippers? Go the way of former 1D star Liam Payne and play it dark and mysterious with a black leather jacket. Providing bulk up top, keep it slim and streamlined in the trousers to balance the look.

Who: Armie Hammer

Where: ‘On The Basis Of Sex’ Premiere, Los Angeles

If you haven’t got your winter coat sorted for the season ahead, then what have you been doing? Your mother will be worried you’re going to catch a chill. Actor Armie Hammer’s mum has no such worries with her son wrapping himself warm in this speckled effort, complete with a bolt of colour on the inside of the lapel placing it above everyone else’s.

Who: Henry Golding

Where: Variety’s 10 Actors To Watch, Newport Beach Film Festival

He’s the breakout star of the year – a travel presenter turned Hollywood leading man and a dashing style icon to boot. And outfits like this one will only serve to keep Henry Golding’s star on an upward trajectory. His flowing mid century-style wide-legged trousers perfectly follow the lines of the elegantly cut overcoat, and the black silk shirt worn underneath tames the look while keeping the luxe factor up.

Who: Ezra Miller

Where: London, Uk

Ezra Miller’s red carpet style at the minute is about as wearable as a full-length puffa jacket gown, which is coincidentally what he wore to the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald premiere in Paris. Off-duty though its good to see the high fashion turned down (a bit), with the bold yellow leather-panelled top and see-through pink shades tempered by some straight leg blue chinos and some sensible dad trainers.

Who: Andrew Garfield

Where: ‘Under The Silver Lake’ Film Screening, Los Angeles

Never say us Brits don’t know how to rock tailoring. Here’s actor Andrew Garfield showing off what we British men are good at (besides the beer gut and awful banter) in a classic grey double-breasted suit, with wide lapels to take the formality up a notch and a knitted tie to bring it back down again.

Who: Michael B. Jordan

Where: ‘Good Morning America’ TV show, New York

Michael B. Jordan is currently in full beast mode for his latest role as the titular boxer in Creed 2. But Jordan is a classy guy, he likes to do things right and eschew the muscle fit for a Louis Vuitton jumper that can actually withstand his biceps and all while giving a subtle nod to the Wizard of Oz.

Who: John Legend

Where: New York, USA

Chunky trainers, corduroy, tucking your T-shirts into your pants, and now further proof that dad fashion has reached new heights: crooner John Legend touting the booster seat on his arm. We don’t see it catching on John, but a bulky winter coat is something we can get behind – the flashy gold buttons dressing up the casual sweater, jeans and desert boots underneath.

Who: Eddie Redmayne

Where: ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’ Film Premiere, London

In Victorian Britain burgundy was the height of sophistication, and the hue has lost none of its formal elegance in modern times. This is especially the case when it’s worn as a double-breasted suit (we’re seeing a lot of them about recently) on Oscar winner and stand-up chap, Eddie Redmayne.

Who: Kit Harington

Where: London, UK

Winter is coming but it’s not quite here yet, so make like Kit Harrington with a lightweight jacket up top worn with a sporty sweat until the big boy full lengths and chunky cable knits come out at the height of the wintry blitz.