30 Budget Spring Menswear Essentials

There’s a famous saying about the weather in spring: if you don’t like it, just wait five minutes.

Of course, while it’s nice to know that a mere 300 seconds after being drenched by a monsoon you’ll be dried off by Sub-Saharan sunshine, it’s a less than ideal situation to dress for. Which makes getting your wardrobe in order all the more important.

And that’s precisely why we’ve put together a list of stylish and wallet-friendly buys to ensure dressing from now until June is as stress-, soak- and sweat-free as possible.

Unstructured Blazer

As the scion of its more structured forefather, an unlined blazer is a step down in formality. That doesn’t mean it compromises on style, though.

Chief among its merits is flexibility: it can be dressed up or down as any smart-casual invitation dictates. A neutral shade will increase the mileage too, as does buying five at a time. But that’s just us.

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Mango Slim-fit patterned cotton blazer

  • J. Crew Wallace & Barnes Garment-dyed Chore BlazerJ. Crew Wallace & Barnes Garment-dyed Chore Blazer
  • Zara Basic BlazerZara Basic Blazer
  • Uniqlo Men Jw Anderson Light Chino Tailored JacketUniqlo Men Jw Anderson Light Chino Tailored Jacket

Classic Sunglasses

Like haircuts, different shades suit different face shapes. You don’t need to have tried (and failed) to rock a man bun to know that.

Fortunately, the menswear gods have gifted us mortals with classic styles of sunglasses – think fuss-free Wayfarers and Clubmasters, preferably in black or tortoiseshell – that offer a face-based upgrade to just about any head.

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H&M Sunglasses

  • Topman Black Shiny 50s SunglassesTopman Black Shiny 50s Sunglasses
  • Selected Homme Eco Friendly Retro Sunglasses In TortoiseshellSelected Homme Eco Friendly Retro Sunglasses In Tortoiseshell
  • He By Mango Retro Style SunglassesHe By Mango Retro Style Sunglasses

Mid-Weight Cardigan

Describing layering as an ‘art’ is no overstatement. And like any great painter, you’ll need the right tools to mimic the Johannes Huebls and Richard Bieduls of this world.

Enter the mid-weight cardigan. Inconspicuous enough to slot under a suit when a coat is overkill, but light enough to serve as a top layer when things heat up; opt for a neutral shade that’ll chime with other wardrobe staples.

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mango man caridgan

  • Next Navy Yarn Interest CardiganNext Navy Yarn Interest Cardigan
  • M&s Collection Pure Lambswool CardiganM&s Collection Pure Lambswool Cardigan
  • Shaker-stitch Shawl CardiganShaker-stitch Shawl Cardigan

Light Wash Jeans

For further proof that your old man is menswear’s new muse, you only need to look as far this season’s crop of light wash jeans. Cut with a slim or relaxed leg, they make your skinny jeans look like some outdated form of groin torture.

Opt for a pair with minimal detailing and wear them with simple canvas sneakers and other normcore staples to avoid premature ageing.

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Light Wash Stretch Slim Jeans

  • He By Mango Slim-fit Light Wash Jan JeansHe By Mango Slim-fit Light Wash Jan Jeans
  • Next Jeans With StretchNext Jeans With Stretch
  • Weekday Friday Best Blue JeansFriday Best Blue Jeans

Suede Jacket

As every well-dressed adult will know, the suede jacket (as well as its more affordable faux suede brethren) is having something of a moment.

Best described as a sartorial Swiss Army knife, bought in the right colour (we’re particularly fond of rich brown and biscuit shades), it can work over a shirt and tie for the office and with simple knitwear on the weekend.

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  • M&s Collection Faux Suede Bomber JacketM&s Collection Faux Suede Bomber Jacket
  • He By Mango Faux-suede JacketHe By Mango Faux-suede Jacket
  • River Island Grey Faux Suede Racer JacketRiver Island Grey Faux Suede Racer Jacket

Oxford Shirt

As a staple unaffected by seasonal change (both the weather and the runway), the Oxford shirt is a year-round building block that can serve smart looks, casual looks, and everything in that dreaded space between.

The key ingredient is quality. Once you’ve found a well-fitting example in a weighty cotton, get one in every conceivable colour and be done with it.

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  • Topman Grey Stretch Skinny Oxford ShirtTopman Grey Stretch Skinny Oxford Shirt
  • River Island White Long Sleeve Oxford ShirtRiver Island White Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt
  • M&s Collection Pure Cotton Tailored Fit Oxford ShirtM&s Collection Pure Cotton Tailored Fit Oxford Shirt

Desert Boots

One adventurer’s tread is another man’s treasure. But that doesn’t mean you have to dress like Indiana Jones to wear desert boots.

Defined by a soft suede upper and crepe rubber sole, this versatile kick is best worn in shades of dark brown and sand, which helpfully meld effortlessly with raw denim and neutral chinos.

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Clarks Originals Desert Boot

  • River Island Dark Grey Wide Fit Suede Desert BootsRiver Island Dark Grey Wide Fit Suede Desert Boots
  • Asos Design Desert Boots In Tan SuedeAsos Design Desert Boots In Tan Suede
  • Next Suede Desert BootNext Suede Desert Boot

Lightweight Knitwear

The spring months are notoriously indecisive weather-wise, which calls for layers that can be piled on and peeled off at a moment’s notice.

Lightweight knitwear can add ballast without too much bulk, and if you buy one in a breathable fabric like merino, it’ll ensure you don’t overheat either.

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  • Gap Crewneck Pullover Sweater In Linen-cottonGap Crewneck Pullover Sweater In Linen-cotton
  • H&m Merino Wool JumperH&m Merino Wool Jumper
  • He By Mango Cotton Cashmere-blend SweaterHe By Mango Cotton Cashmere-blend Sweater

Washed-Out Chinos

Neutral gear will always offer an easy ride when getting dressed in the morning, but some days call for a bit more color.

To brighten up without going full Chuckles The Clown, reach for one of this season’s washed-out hues and put it to work on a pair of slim-fitting chinos.

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Original Khakis in Straight Fit with GapFlex

  • He By Mango Regular-fit Chino TrousersHe By Mango Regular-fit Chino Trousers
  • Next Stretch ChinosNext Stretch Chinos
  • H&m Linen-blend Chinos Slim FitH&m Linen-blend Chinos Slim Fit

Chore Jacket

Heavy on utilitarian design (clock the big, practical pockets and chunky button or snap-fastenings), a reassuringly sturdy chore jacket is this season’s hottest way to tap the workwear trend.

Look for smarter styles that can take the place of a blazer or go for overdyed twill designs to nod to the garment’s outdoorsy heritage.

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  • J. Crew French Rib Full-zip Chore JacketJ. Crew French Rib Full-zip Chore Jacket
  • Engineers Coat Summer JacketEngineers Coat Summer Jacket
  • Portuguese Flannel Labura Chore JacketPortuguese Flannel Labura Chore Jacket

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are easily one most versatile footwear styles a man can own. But that’s not to say every iteration is worth your hard-won coins.

Leather should be your first preference. Not only is it hard-wearing, but it’ll clinch the cost-per-wear ratio for years to come. Then, consider colour. While black will sit pretty with tailoring, alternative shades like oxblood or navy can be recruited for off-duty looks, too.

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  • He By Mango Suede Leather MoccasinHe By Mango Suede Leather Moccasin
  • Topman Black Faux Suede Prince Penny LoafersTopman Black Faux Suede Prince Penny Loafers
  • M&s Collection Leather Slip-on LoafersM&s Collection Leather Slip-on Loafers

Vertical Stripe Shirt

Revise your approach to stripes this season by getting to grips with vertical lines. Think less burglar, more deck chair.

On a shirt, go short-sleeved and Cuban collared or short-sleeved and an Oxford neck. Both will announce you as a menswear aficionado, not a hot and bothered IT technician.

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Mango Regular-fit striped cotton shirt

  • Topman Yellow And White Stripe Slim Fit ShirtTopman Yellow And White Stripe Slim Fit Shirt
  • River Island Bellfield Black Vertical Stripe ShirtRiver Island Bellfield Black Vertical Stripe Shirt
  • Reiss Vangundy Striped Grandad ShirtReiss Vangundy Striped Grandad Shirt

Henley Top

Started from the bottom, now it’s here. The Henley top may have begun life as an undergarment, but it’s now a bona fide wardrobe staple

. When shopping for yours, keep an eye on fit. Too tight, and you’ll look like you had a fight with the washing machine (and lost); too loose, and you’ll do nothing to flatter what those dumbbell exercises gave you. Buy Now

FatFace Dark Ink Lowick Hemp Henley T-Shirt

  • He By Mango Henley Cotton T-shirtHe By Mango Henley Cotton T-shirt
  • Navy Merino Henley Neck JumperNavy Merino Henley Neck Jumper
  • H&m Henley TopH&m Henley Top

Suede Derbies

Common thinking dictates that men value practicality above all else, especially when it comes to style. But, we challenge anyone not to desire the short pile pull of soft suede Derby shoes, even if they’re not all that great at dealing with rogue raindrops.

If you’re not au fait with proper shoe maintenance, opt for a pair in black or dark blue; but if you’re handy with suede spray, brown or tan are rarely a bad choice.

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Next Suede Derby

  • He By Mango Suede BlucherHe By Mango Suede Blucher
  • Asos Design Lace Up Shoes In Tan Suede With Natural SoleAsos Design Lace Up Shoes In Tan Suede With Natural Sole
  • River Island Tan Tumbled Lace-up Derby ShoesRiver Island Tan Tumbled Lace-up Derby Shoes

Nato Strap Watch

Much like a lot of what you’re probably wearing right now, the Nato strap watch started out as a piece of military kit. First issued in ‘Admiralty Grey’ and later in the colours of individual regiments, today this on-trend time teller is a must-own for style-conscious civilians.

All that aside, the fact that the nylon fabric keeps your wrists sweat-free in the heat should be reason enough to strap one on for spring.

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Timex Unisex Special Weekender Slip Through Quartz Watch with Analogue Display and Nylon strap

  • Avi-8 Mens Hawker Hurricane Nylon Nato Strap Watch<a

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