Gentessential September Event

Housed inside the distinguished doors of the private members Army & Navy club were three rooms dedicated to the art of gentlemanly behaviour. The event? Gentessential. It’s aim? To indulge the chaps of today in all things gentlemanly etiquette.

On Thursday 19th September, the Gentessential doors opened. Steeped in military history and grand ornate décor, ‘The RAG’ was a fitting location for London’s ultimate men’s etiquette event.

As attendees entered the lavish Library they were greeted with a vast array of gentlemanly elements and were free to roam about at their pleasure. First up was male grooming guidance with the experienced Pall Mall Barbers. Offering shaving techniques and grooming insights, chaps could talk freely about any queries or tips they might need to ensure their gentlemanly visage was being appropriately managed.

From grooming to suiting, quintessentially British brand Austin Reed were in residence to provide tailoring techniques and style advice for those wishing to improve their own style or better manage their wardrobes.

With manikins displaying their latest success story, the Austin Reed x Nick Hart collection, as well as illustrating the art of formal attire, the impeccably dressed David Goggins provided the necessary nuggets of style advice throughout the course of the evening as men continued to probe and put forward proposals with regards to men’s fashion.

Not content with just addressing the clothes of a gentleman, Shoe Shine UK were performing footwear miracles. Transforming the attendees’ shoes into sparkling successes with his bare hands and specialist products, the brand’s artisan shoe shiner opened people’s eyes to the world of proper shoe care.

Meandering through the crowds you were greeted by etiquette lessons of another kind. Information boards teaching you #hashtag etiquette, shirt and tie combination advice, the art of conversation and even how to take a punch, should one find themselves in such an altercation. Roaming butlers imparting general etiquette tales and formal dining room etiquette advice meant that Gentessential struck the perfect balance between imparting chivalrous behaviour and maintaining the fun social element it desired.

No event would be complete without some form of salubrious lubrication – be it learning the art of mixing a gentlemanly cocktail with Purl’s master mixologist or wine tasting with one of Randolph’s revered butlers. It was hard to find an attendee without a glass in their hand and a smile on their face.

If Gentessential were a clothing collection it would be described as on trend and in high demand. As an event it was both fun and informative and great value for money. FashionBeans strongly recommend signing up to the Gentessential updates to ensure the next event is on your agenda. We will see you there!

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Gentessential September Event