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It just so happens that one of this season denim trends is a wardrobe staple of mine. I am not normally a dedicated follower of fashion trends per se, but Carrot Fit/Tapered jeans are very much on trend right now and just happen to be my favourite cut. This season we have seen the release of a lot more Carrot/Tapered cut jeans by all the large denim retailers; G-Star, Yen, Diesel, Humor, Nudie and the like are all releasing more and more versions in this style… which I couldn’t be happier about! It started last season at All Saints with their new drop crotch “Gun Fit” jeans and is looking set to be an essential type of denim fit over the next few years.

My reasons for wearing this fit are probably very familiar to a number of guys out there. Muscular thighs. This tends to rule out most slim and some straight fits unless you size up so much the jeans look like overalls! Carrot fits are generous in the thigh area and taper from the knee down. This allows for your hem at the bottom of the jeans to sit nicely on shoes. To the naked eye it looks like a slim (not skinny) fit pair of jeans – but you have that little extra room that allows for greater comfort. A great look and fit without feeling like your nether regions are being strangled!

It’s important to remember that the tapered cut is very versatile. It is best to identify what look you are going for to help you determine what pair and size would suit you best. This tip is absolutely essential, if you really are going to benefit from the cut. Some men will just buy jeans because they like the look of them without even considering what they would wear with them or what impression they give off. That is not the way to build a versatile wardrobe! For example, if you love the fashion forward or rocker look, you will want to find an edgier pair in a drop crotch with quite hard tapering down to your ankles. This allows you to give off the impression of a skinny fit pair of jeans and whilst still maintaining comfort.

The alternative way of wearing Carrot jeans is buying a size up for a looser fit. We have already had an article this week about how comfort fit is coming back strong in men’s fashion so this could be a great option for those that want to hit the comfort fit trend but still have the versatility of a slim jean. We mentioned in the comfort fit article that small canvas trainers and shoes can look “swamped” and lost when matched with this type of cut, but with the carrot jeans you will never have this problem. You still get room in the thigh area but a narrower hem means that the jeans mix well with shoes and low cut trainers, whilst they are also able to rest nicely on the top of your high-tops or can even be tucked into a great worker boot.

My personal favourite is a dark denim wash with smart leather shoes, since this is a look very difficult for me to pull off in slim fit jeans (for reasons mentioned earlier) and absolutely compliments my frame and body shape. A blazer (velvet if that is your style) will finish the look – resting on that crisp shirt or muted graphic T-Shirt. Another look is to size up one size (creating the male version of the Harem pant if you like) and wearing with high tops and a leather jacket (hooded). Finally, use your tapered jeans to borrow the tapered chino look by rolling the hem up but swapping boat shoes for low profile trainers/plimsolls such as Superga’s. This is particularly effective with Nudie’s Selvedge Big Bengts or All Saints ‘Gun fit’ denim. Finish off with simple fine knitwear.

I have picked out some great cuts below (most of which I have tried myself). As with jeans generally, the darker the denim the smarter looking the jean and vice versa…

So here goes.

Carrot Fit / Tapered Jeans

All Saints/Topman

Resin Split Indigo Skinny Carrot Jeans Ripped Carrot Twisted Jeans

Nudie’s first venture into this style. Typical Nudie in that the quality of denim and the fit are both amazing! Size down one size to wear with smart shoes/loafers (again due to the stretch in them) but buy ‘on-size’ for a looser fit. Check out the Lab version with the Selvedge detailing for that extra bit of quality and looser/comfortable look. Great with some retro footwear.

Nudie Big Bengt Carrot Jeans Nudie Big Bengt Carrot Jeans Nudie Big Bengt Carrot Jeans

Doing some great pairs in tapered cuts by a whole host of designers. Featured below are Evisu, G-Star, Marithe Francois Girbaud Jeans and Yen.

G-Star Jeans G-Star Jeans G-Star Jeans

Marithe Francois Girbaud Jeans True Religion Jeans Michiko Koshino Yen Jeans

Nudie Jeans Evisu Jeans Marithe Francois Girbaud Jeans

ASOS have a lot of carrot and tapered fit jeans in their collections at the moment with everyone from Diesel, Lee, Replay, Religion and Acne all getting in on the fit.

Replay Daverdale Carrot Jeans We Are Replay Paolo Constructed Carrot Selvedge Jeans Lee Smith Point Carrot Jeans

Religion Raw Denim Slim Carrot Jeans Lee 101 Logger Tapered Carrot Jeans Acne Mod Spray Stock Anti Fit Carrot Jeans

Urban Outfitters

Acne Jeans Mod Stencil Carrot Jean Svensson Raw Taper Jean Svensson Wash Taper Jean


Levi's® Vintage 1966 Roadside 501 Jeans Humor Jeans Humor Jeans