New Boots Sir?Today we are trying to stay away from the traditional shoe and look at new pieces for 2009 that are a little different and for those with a bit more eccentric tastes – think Russell Brand or Andre 3000. We have new pieces to showcase from Margiela, Jil Sander and Shofolk and all of them are (as always) for confident individuals who can pull of such brilliant items of clothing.

Remember, you don’t have to stick to what you know, if you want to push the boundaries of your personal style and grow as an individual pick up a new piece that you know would work within the context of an outfit you already have. All you need is to be confident and come across congruent with the style you are wearing. If you don’t have that rock solid personality and confidence then you will look uncomfortable and it will highlight that your wearing something you dont think fits YOUR PERSONALITY. Subsequently, others will notice and you will come across as try hard.

It’s good to challenge yourself and pick up items that expand your personal style and that you would not normally consider, but please just make sure you believe in yourself, the item conveys something about “you” and the item would go with a pre existing outfit.

Then be CONFIDENT… YOU LOOK GREAT! See the Full collections in the main post…

New Boots and Shoes for 2009

Black Patent BootsBrown Boots with Red Laces

Limited Edition Confetti ShoesGladiator Patent Shoes