Men's Gold Accessories - Don't Go Overboard!

After Friday when I featured the black watches, I spent most of the weekend looking for more and more accessories, jewellery and the like. Mainly because I wanted to see if I could find any new trends or inspiration as I haven’t featured many for a while. Whilst I was looking a few items seemed to jump out at me. Gold has generally been well overlooked recently in men’s fashion, especially in the younger audience. Even I have (over the last 5 years) associated it with chavs down the local half price jewellers picking up as much of it as possible!

Personally I think this is what gave it a bad wrap. With many jewellery shops flooding the market with cheap low cost gold, it meant any old Tom, Dick or Harry could go and pick up a few big gold chains, bracelets and watches and throw them all on in some sort of mess for bragging rights as to how much they could afford. It is a shame really because gold accessories can really look amazing in the right outfit.

Two things really set gold off nicely: mixing with dark colours like blacks and greys, and a good tan (or darker coloured skin tones). This is because when there is such a contrast between 2 colours it makes the gold come alive and stand out. Gold accessories are perfect for the summer, and I have found some superb watches, jewellery, and sunglasses which all have a fashion edge.

The key to wearing gold well is to not go overboard – hence the Mr.T picture above to remind you – it is about subtly and just setting an outfit off with one or 2 great accessories. A gold watch and gold framed sunglasses are a good mix without going too far. Or a small chain and watch would also work well with a nice crisp black shirt and skinny tie.

You can rock any look with the right gold accessories. My favourite would be to wear a formal shirt with skinny jeans and a slim tie set off with a beautiful gold watch or sunglasses. Casual outfits can be made with a simple graphic tee, denim jeans/shorts, a retro gold Timex/Casio watch and fedora/straw hat. Notice in either of these outfits, the gold just “adds” a little extra to it. It’s not going to be in your face; with chains and bracelets draped all over you, it is simply going to add some elegant style and contrast to it.

So don’t be afraid to dip your toes back into the world of gold. A lot of men my age (mid-twenties) are scared to buy it now and I think it’s a totally backward point of view. Some of these accessories below are so classy and would look amazing. Gold accessories are also massive again in women’s fashion so for you to be a confident male rocking something right on trend should score you some nice points!

I particularly love the Retro Casio Watch and The Nixon watch I feature first, plus some great aviators with gold frames are a must. These two types of items are really subtle. If you feel more confident about it, look for some great gold jewellery for men – personally I would recommend a nice small chain because it can be tucked into your shirt or t-shirt and just add a little extra to your look. Titanium rings are available in two tone and can look quite good if you wear rings normally. Black and gold mix accessories are also great either in watches or footwear. I have put a couple of great examples of gold mix footwear in there to show you just how well gold/black and gold/brown looks together.

Men’s Gold Accessories

Casio Mens Gold Watch Watch Nixon The Metal Atom all gold


Bernhard Willhelm x Mykita Franz Sunglasses Martin Margiela Watch Chain

Alejandro Ingelmo Bowery High Alejandro Ingelmo Galaxy High

Gold Basic Metal Aviator Gold Micro Check Cufflinks

Tokyo Flash TF0284 R75 GDML - Gold  Watch Nixon The Rotolog all gold/brown

 Adidas ADH1830 Unisex Black Digital Gold Plated Bracelet Watch  Adidas ADH1723 Black Dial Gold Plated Black Leather Strap Watch

 Diesel DZ7102 Gents Black Dial With Gold Detail Black Leather Strap Watch  Gents Black Stainless Steel Gold Band Ring, 6mm Wide - Size U

Some Titanium/Gold Mix Rings

 Titanium and 9ct Rose Gold Ti2 D Shape Band Ring -Size V  Titanium and 9ct Rose Gold Ti2 Flat Band Ring -Size P