Can Men Wear Ugg Boots?

I thought I would throw this out here and see what response we got with this latest crazy trend in mens fashion. This is one I personally thought would never take off, but after walking round town during the weekend I saw to my surprise (and horror!) a LOT of males wearing Ugg Boots! Now I knew all about the fact Uggs had launched it’s male version over the winter, and we have even had a lot of you looking for them on here based on our visiting stats so I want to settle the argument once and for all….

Are Ugg Boots Fashionable for Guys?!

My personal feelings are that they are not. I am sorry for everyone who got a pair of the real deal when they launched or even those who picked up a cheaper version from Topman or River Island. I just do not think they belong on any fashionable male outside your own home! Yes they look incredibly comfy, but so does that massive fleece your Mum gave you for Christmas that year! That doesn’t mean you should be caught dead out and about the real world in it!

I maybe a little biased as I still really don’t “get it” when it comes to Ugg boots in general. To me they look like slippers and footwear you wear around the house on a cold day, but they charge a premium for what is essentially a larger version of Marks & Spencer slippers. I don’t even think they look that good on girls. I know they really took off last year, but so did Crocs Sandals at one point in time, and you would NEVER see me in a pair of those stupid jelly shoes!

Men, no matter how metrosexual you are or how far you are willing to push the boundaries of your personal style or sexuality – please do not resort to these. You can pick up an amazing pair of wax panel boots from All Saints, or some super cool new Rick Owens boxer style boots which are infinitely more fashionable and look 1000’s times better with a pair of jeans tucked in.

If you disagree please let me know in the comments. I have put links and images to the real deal below if any of you want to make your own mind up and laugh in the face of fashion!

Mens Ugg Boots

Mens Ugg Boots Mens Ugg Boots

Mens Ugg Boots