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Editor Note: They had this conversation on Scott Mills Radio 1 show yesterday so I thought now would be the best time to post this article and let you join in the debate. You can read my first take on Ugg Boots here. Lee has his own view however in this article. Enjoy.

Back in March Ben released an article about men’s Ugg boots which received quite a mix response; most of the comments were against guys Uggs while a few were still a bit 50/50 and thought they could work. Well with the winter in full swing, Ugg have recently released their new Men’s range, which may just change the mind of a few people that commented on our last article.

Although Ugg boots are incredibly successful with women, the boots were originally worn by men, such as Australian sheep herders, WWII aviators to keep their feet warm and Australian surfers in the 70’s and 80’s. These were clearly worn then for the practicality of the boot whereas now a days they are worn for the look and style as you can see by so many male celebrities sporting them (see main image) such as Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. So there’s no big issue with guys wearing them, whatever you’re age!

Last year the only Uggs available for guys were the classic short or tall in black, chocolate or chestnut. However this year the male Uggs range is lot more expansive. You can still buy the original tall and short which do seem to be more popular with guys and girls, but now they offer numerous styles for men such as the Beacon Boot which comes in black or chocolate. These boots are for the type of guy who prefers to mix style and comfort and fits in nicely with a lot of this autumn and winter trends. There’s also the Rockville Boot which has a much more edgier leather look with buckle detailing – this boot fits perfectly into this seasons Military trend and comes with two changeable insoles, one leather and one sheepskin depending on your personal comfort.

Now I know what the readers who have been won over by Uggs are asking, “What do I wear them with?”. Well I find that they look best with quite a baggy/natural cut jean (back on trend right now), with them tucked in like you would a standard boot or hi-top. You have the option of covering the Ugg Boots using the jeans hem as well though. As for up top, I think that as they have their roots in the Australian outback and are designed to be a rugged/outdoor boot, you can rock the whole Workerwer trend to the hilt. Thick check and plaid shirts layered over simple t-shirts and topped off with a chunky scarf or trapper hat would be a great look (check Orlando Bloom at in main picture).

Due to the fact that most of these boots really do give off a casual vibe, you can pick out the fashion essentials and really go to town on your layering – graphic t-shirts underneath a nice hoody and topped off with a leather jacket would also have that casual fashion vibe whilst you are out and about at the weekend. One thing to definitely avoid is skinny jeans as that look seems to work better on girls and if you fancy a pair but don’t want to stand out too much then just stick with a black pair of classic short Uggs.

Personally I do have a pair of Uggs and love them, they’re so comfy and different to what most guys have on there feet and that’s what fashions all about isn’t it, standing out?

Uggs Campaign Shots

Uggs Campaign Shots

Men’s Ugg Boots – New Range




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