Dress Like Bond

If any of you have seen the latest Bond film (Quantum of Solace) you will know that firstly, it rocks… and secondly, bond is just the epitome of cool. Obviously this film not all about the clothes, but they certainly help create an aura for the 007 character. In the last 2 films that have been produced, James Bond has still kept the smart, clean crisp lines to his attire, but also added much more modern twists.

Where as in the 70’s and 80’s bond wouldn’t be seen dead in anything other than a monochrome tux, the current Bond had added modern twists on this traditional formal (almost business) style. Whether it’s a smart polo with fitted trousers, or just the ditching of the tie/bow tie whilst wearing a fitted blue suit – it adds that modern element to the style and overall look of the character.

This is what this week’s look focuses on. I want to show you items that will make you always look smart and well presented – but with a modern fashionable twist that shows off your creative flair and personal tastes. We don’t want to walk around looking like we just came from the office every minute of the day – we want our casual clothes to be just that, but still keep that classic/traditional feel which exudes confidence and stature.

I will be focusing on a formal outfit today and casual outfit tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to put together some varied prices again in order to suit all budgets. As always, there will be two variations of each item you need, along with some additional extras you may want to add at the end of the article. Finally, if you haven’t watched either of the last two Bond films I recommend you do straight away. Daniel Craig is my favourite Bond ever now because I think he exudes everything James Bond should. Confidence and self belief being the main qualities that any man on the planet should own.

If you don’t believe in yourself and your actions then nobody else will either. You need that slightly darker side of you to come out a bit where you make your own decisions and stand up for them. Don’t try and please everyone, be confident that you are doing the right thing and have the strength to deal with the consequences if necessary. I guarantee you being a strong male will definitely help you exude style, strength and attractiveness to others. I’m not saying be a complete ass hole, just believe in yourself and if your are completely out of line, then you can always apologise. We could all learn a bit from the latest Bond, as it is the way a true male should carry himself. Enjoy…

James Bond – Formal

James Bond Formal

You can see from the main post image and from the scene above how Bond rocks a suit. It should be fitted, with classic lines in traditional colours such as navy or black. If you cannot afford a custom tailored suit, then buying off the rack is fine – there are professionals in your area who will definitely be able to take it up or in a bit for you, in order to give you that fitted look for a fraction of the cost.

Other items needed include great shoes, which should again be classic traditional brogues or lace ups to give them that formal edge. The shirt should be crisp and unbuttoned 1 down at least (2 ideally and maybe push for 3) meaning you should probably take care of any unsightly chest hair as well. White with black is always a winner and widely accepted worldwide, a pale blue or white with navy is also a good look that Bond rocked in the latest movie.

Additional extras to make this look stand out would be a pocket handkerchief and/or tie, which adds some colour, flair and variety to the look. A belt is important although not completely necessary if you want to save on cost. A Good quality formal wristwatch would also be a nice addition to complete the overall aura of importance/stature.

The Suit

The Willoughby Black Suit Paul Smith LondonBlack Slim Mod Fit Suit
The Willoughby Black Suit – Paul Smith London
Burtons Black Slim Mod Fit Suit

The shirt

White Fitted Shirt - Helmut LangBurtons White Long Sleeve Tailored Shirt
White Fitted Shirt – Helmut Lang
Burtons White Long Sleeve Tailored Shirt

The Shoes

Pitney Black Darby Lace Up Shoe by Paul SmithBurtons Black Classic Lace Up Leather Loafer
Pitney Black Darby Lace Up Shoe by Paul Smith
Burtons Black Classic Lace Up Leather Loafer
Additional Extras

Tie/Pocket Handkerchief

Black Floral Jaquard Tie by Paul Smith AccessoriesForzieri Mini Polkadot Pattern Printed Silk Tie & Pocket Square
Black Floral Jaquard Tie by Paul Smith Accessories
Forzieri Mini Polkadot Pattern Printed Silk Tie & Pocket Square

The Belt

Black Classic Leather Suit Belt By AndersonsBurtons Black Skinny Belt
Black Classic Leather Suit Belt By Andersons
Burtons Black Skinny Belt

The Watch

Armani Exchange Men's Stainless Steel Bracelet WatchBurtons Square Face Multidial Watch
Armani Exchange Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch
Burtons Square Face Multidial Watch