Editor Introduction – Looking To The Future

Hopefully, if you are a regular reader of FashionBeans, you would of already realised the importance of building a timeless and versatile wardrobe. Although we like to bring you all the very latest trends and key essentials you need for the current season, if you have been consistently building up your wardrobe utilising our advice over the past few years, you should already have a variety of options for any occasion, weather forecast or event. It is this key attitude to building a wardrobe that allows you to look into the future and pick up key pieces well in advance of any upcoming looks or trends.

There is nothing better than being able to shop in the spring/summer sales for pieces you may need for autumn/winter. It allows you to pick up quality pieces that many men are not yet focussing on – over stocked knitwear, overcoats, outerwear and long sleeve shirts – rather than leaving it to the last minute and trying to bulk up your current spring/summer wardrobe with the items the retailers cannot shift, even in the height of the season.

With this in mind, today Robin is bringing you an advanced forecast of trends that will be big within menswear this autumn/winter. These are the trends that are major nearly every year, and we will show you some current items available now that will help you recreate the look once the weather turns. These are items you can purchase and integrate into your spring/summer outfits already, or you can make sure you keep your eye out for those bargains once the July/August sales are truly under way. Advanced planning is cost effective, and also helps shape the items you buy for the current season.

So onto the trends breakdown…

Military Madness
On The Catwalk

Luckily for you, and him next door with a penchant for Territorial Army memorabilia, the emphasis on hardy military fabrics and styling from last season is going to continue for quite a while to come. With powerhouses like Paul Smith, Chanel and (not so much but thanks for trying) Robert Geller pushing the trend in consecutive runway previews, it doesn’t seem like this trend shows any signs of slowing down, in spring/summer or autumn/winter.

Even though it is a style that might not be the most original in terms of new innovations, it is now a well documented and accepted trend that any well respecting man can take inspiration from and recreate without having to redefine their wardrobe. You should have the essentials already; they will just need reworking and refining for the change of season:

Men's Military Trend A/W 2011 on the runways

Earthy colours like slate grey and shades of forest green dominate swathes of leather and knitwear; bringing with it a wardrobe that would look fine either going to the shops for milk or climbing a mountain.

Tough work/military boots pop up again, so fans of All Saints and JLS can rejoice in the fact that their feet will be safe, warm and stylish for the foreseeable future. Make sure you pick up a hard-wearing leather pair in a classic colour such as black or brown, as these will never go out of style and if you opt for a mid-length or ankle cut boot you can even integrate them with the current tailored shorts and boots trend we are seeing this spring/summer.

To be honest, there’s nothing new so far that will make you go ‘Wowzers‘; sheepskin, suede and thick, thick scarves wrapped up like a snood will serve you incredibly well for another few months – so those that invested in aviator Shearling jackets, suede bomber jackets (or footwear) and oversized scarves within the last year will all be ahead of the game.

In Stores Now

Here are some pieces I have picked out which are available to purchase right now. These hit the upcoming military trend perfectly, whilst most can be integrated into your current looks as well. Transitional cross-over items are key in building a versatile and timeless wardrobe:

  • Camo Dyed Military Jacket
  • ASOS Short Sleeve Sweatshirt
  • ASOS Stripe Tear Drop Neck T-Shirt
  • River Island Grey Chinos
  • All Saints Cropped Military Boots

As you can see from the catwalk images, layering will be back (aptly for winter), and the mishmash of prints and patterns that are beginning to seep into the high street will be following over to AW11 but with more subtle tonal prints like flowers, stripes, camouflage and the ever reliable Fair Isle knit.

Try and stock up on as many pairs of casual trousers as you can now because they are plentiful and bountiful at the moment. The pair above by River Island come in a variety of colours and would go perfect with any of the AW11 trends we are going to preview. The ASOS sweatshirt and striped tee are perfect to layer over one another, and the sweat can easily be taken off to reveal a different look completely.

The striped tee can be utilised in current nautical trends to give an individual spin (through choice of coloured stripes) and has the earth tones necessary to hit the military and outdoorsy vibe when we cross seasons. The cropped sweatshirt would work well in spring/summer when paired with bold pastel tailored shorts in order to hit the American Prep trend (or French Riviera), and you can then sub in your casual trousers to nail the AW11 variation.

Although we mentioned boots earlier, this cropped pair from All Saints are a perfect addition to your wardrobe. The short style allows them to be paired with tailored shorts, whilst the styling and colour are smart and timeless. Remember that the smarter (and less fussy) they are, then the more they will lend themselves and adapt to other future trends.

The Topman camo jacket is the perfect example of thinking of future trends in advance. Camouflage print has seen a resurgence in popularity among many of the fashion powerhouses over the past year or so (we even broke it down in an article here). You may not yet be entirely convinced, but at just £12 this jacket is a great introduction. The camo print is not too over the top or bold, the jacket is structured and rugged, and it will definitely help you hit the military trend on those casual days. It almost has an army surplus/vintage feel to it which is definitely ‘in vogue’ right now; pair it with chinos, boots and a crisp shirt for a clashing of styles that will contrast beautifully.

Preppy Perfection

SS11 is full of casual tailoring; ready to be trussed up for fancy meals or dressed down for drunken barbecues. With a predominant focus on colours and American Prep this spring/summer, men’s clothing, accessories and footwear have been available in every shade and hue imaginable – even pale pink is rearing it’s sexually confusing head again. Luckily for me (because I love the preppy look) it will also be one of the main trends come AW11.

Colourful sweaters and blinding jackets (in clashing colours) will be prominent, and when teamed with denim it will see you through until the twinkling of dew on next spring’s leaves.

On The Catwalk

Men's Preppy Fashion Trend Autumn/Winter 2011

Vivienne Westwood, Moschino and Junya Watanabe channelled their inner schoolboy and made some fantastic contributions to preppy fashion.

The structured form we have seen this spring/summer remains the same, but this time around there’s more individuality sewn in for good measure. It takes the uniformity out of uniform and leaves it open for interpretation.

Unusual colour patterns were prominent (including the amazing blue check from Frankie Morello), and when combined correctly, will make you stand out from the crowd. At the same time, casual tailoring has been reworked and relaxed, with the drop crotch trousers being offered by Vivienne Westwood and Etro Menswear redefining the traditional tailoring silhouette. Trousers seemed to go higher, whilst tops came either tucked in or finished slightly higher than the waist.

Lots of layering was prevalent – just like the military inspired trend – but instead of tees under jumpers under coats, we have garish shirts under clashing knitwear with outfit defining footwear.

In Stores Now

So take a look at a couple of future inspired outfits which are available to purchase today. Again, due to the amount of colour variety present in the menswear market this spring/summer, it would be easy to work some of these pieces into your current preppy or French Riviera inspired looks:
Outfit 1

  • Paul Smith Jeans Cotton Nylon Mac
  • Red Button Down Collar Shirt
  • marc by marc jacobs Bob stripe jumper
  • OUR LEGACY Light Grey Suit Trousers

Ouffit Two

  • Farah Vintage The Howe Jacket
  • Highlighter California Fleece Zip Hoody
  • Three Over One Leonard Athletic Short Sleeve Sweat Top
  • Washed Mustard Cotton Chinos
  • Spitfire Clear Lens Glasses
  • Mens Red Or Dead Micro Oxford Brogue Shoes

Now, bear with me here before you dismiss this second outfit, because if you listen carefully you will understand why it’s so fantastic.

This works on numerous levels. A hoodie under a casual jacket teamed with tailored trousers screams lapse-Oxford student – especially with a great pair of on trend navy suede brogues. American Apparel is our first stop with their wide and varied line of basics; the highlighter range of fluoro shades work especially well if you want to nail that preppy inspired look come autumn/winter. You could definitely see yourself rocking those bright colours this spring/summer as well right? Real statement items that will make the transition and definitely garner attention.

Teaming two colours that shouldn’t go together is another great way to get noticed, which is what all the ladies have been doing recently in their colour blocking trend. They are not afraid to experiment with traditional colour combinations and clashes – which often produces some of the most inspired outfits. The red/coral/pink hues in the tops mixed with the green of the cagoule really shouldn’t work, but as we found out in Matt Allinson’s introduction to colour, complementary colours can look great together if you make sure you vary the hues. If that didn’t sway you then this contrast is bound to make people ‘nuh-uh, I know you didn’t wear red and green’, which is a great way to court the attention of sexy Susan down in accounting.

Again, taking lessons from the world of ladies fashion, what those sultry vixens do sometimes – if they don’t want to go out dressed in just one or two colours – is they will team a vibrant colour with a more neutral, pastel shade. Which is why I’ve included the ASOS sport top, creating a more unusual three layers instead of two. It neutralises a lot of the brash neon colours, and still keeps you on trend.

Office Owls

We all need to work. We can’t all bum around Europe, scoring cheap drugs and bidding even cheaper girls goodbye in the morning – that privilege is saved for the stars of Geordie Shore and Made In Chelsea. For us mere mortals who don’t want to be shills of the MTV corporation, we have regular jobs that have regular hours. So what are the upcoming trends in the world of business?

On The Catwalk

Men's Office Wear Trends for Autumn/Winter 2011

Skinny suits begone because there is a new kid in town ready to make a show of you and your testicle baring ways! A much more relaxed fashion statement is going to sweep the nation, with carrot fit trousers and unstructured blazers leading the way, followed by battalions of pocket scarves and brightly coloured ties. Again, this all ties in very nicely with current spring/summer trends; unstructured blazers are very popular right now, and are going to prove a transitional item, whereas bold ties and pocket squares have rose to prominence over the past year or so and show no signs of slowing down. If you have already invested, then bravo sir.

Cerruti, Yohji Yamamoto, Costume National and Jil Sander are your wide legged generals, showing off voluminous suiting, while still aiming to keep you as smart as a carrot. Double breasted tailoring and overcoats were also featured in most runways shows, proving that this currently popular cut was not a flash in the pan, and still has a lot of life left in it yet.

There aren’t any great leaps and bounds in terms of materials or colours used, after all, it still needs to be suitable for the workplace so there’ll be no neon nylon creations making their way into this trend. However, what is different is the heavy influence of Japanese culture; silhouettes ranged from Japanese Samurai influenced cuts (like in the Yohji Yamamoto collection) to the notion of Japanese post-modern shaping.

In Stores Now
  • Shinto L/s Shirt
  • ASOS Deconstructed Fit Black Jacket
  • ASOS Carrot Fit Black Trousers
  • Rotary Coat
  • balmain Linen scarf

This outfit keeps a colour palette of (current) on trend nautical colours at it’s core, with blue, and red very prominent. The ASOS carrot suit is the perfect cut for hitting the key new silhouette in worker wear, and comes in at a bargain price point (£130 total). Not only will it have you looking sharp for this current season but now bang on trend for next. Loafers are perfect for wearing without socks this season – whether you utilise them in casual or formal outfits – whilst you could easily incorporate a bold red or light blue sock into this particular outfit come autumn/winter.

The Japanese patterned shirt by All Saints, in luxurious silk, teamed with a linen scarf in a bright red lifts what is an otherwise bland outfit. The shirt is also limited edition and made using 100% cotton shuttle loom fabric by Maruwa of Japan – again being perfect for the Japanese influence we are seeing in the above trend. Finally, the red scarf helps elongate the frame when sometimes you can get swamped in pleats and huge swathes of fabric.