Have Rocking Winter – Worn By AW11 Lookbook

It pretty much boils down to the fact that we want to do better/ earn higher/ philander more frequently than the last man. You’ll follow a rule that says your watch should cost more than your entire outfit just so you can say it does. Don’t lie – although you think you can do that better also.

The only time we don’t make an attempt to outshine is when a legend or an icon is concerned. It’s the legendary or iconic status that delivers us an unwritten sense of respectability. Either that or an amorous man-crush.

By working with original artists, musicians and photographers, Worn By has created their AW11 lookbook. The collection is the epitome of the amorous man-crush (as amorous as rock’n’roll can get). The lookbook revives original designs worn by legends of the past, capturing the most iconic moments in rock’n’roll history.

About the collection

“The AW11 lookbook shows Worn By in a whole new light, one that is even more striking and reminiscent of the stage, the lifestyle and rock and roll glamour of music's iconic greats shine through the collection.”

The Worn By collection is available now from the Worn By website www.wornby.co.uk