For those of you who aren’t aware, Chuck Bass is one of the lead characters in the hit TV show Gossip Girl. Portrayed by Brit actor and former FashionBeans Style Icon Ed Westwick, Chuck has been a permanent fixture since the shows inception in 2007.

Noted for his debauchery, hedonistic lifestyle, financial clout and of course his immaculate personal style; he quickly became a fan favourite and has remained so even as the show nears the end of its fifth season.

Chuck Bass: Style Breakdown
Chuck Bass Lookbook

Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl - Style Lookbook

Key Component #1: Print

In earlier seasons, Chuck’s style came with a slight preppy edge; he had a penchant for knits, cravats and argyle print in particular. Reflective of his character, he has never been one to shy away from a statement piece. Bold prints and colours have held a special place in Mr Bass’ wardrobe – the shark sweater and iconic J Press scarf were especially notable.

As the character has matured, his style has taken a similar turn. Print and colour still play a part, but gone are the days of tipped trenches and provocative shades. Mr Bass’ style is much more refined, reflecting the change in his character from a boy billionaire to a man with a shrewd sense of business and style (the penchant for womanising is still all too familiar though). This change in character hasn’t, thankfully, changed the core of Chuck’s style.

Key Component #2: Tailoring

Tailoring has forever ruled supreme in the world of Bass. His style is the embodiment of sartorial excellence; from detail to fit, nothing ever goes unconsidered. knots have always been perfectly dimpled and pockets appropriately full – usually with a favoured paisley print (or something purple).

The current (fifth) season of Gossip Girl is a reiteration of this mantra, as it has seen Bass adopt the knit lapel pin as an everyday part of his style. While most men skip over lapels when putting together an outfit, a pin or boutonniere adds that little bit extra in the way of individuality.

Ultimately, Chuck takes the stiffness out of tailoring; he makes it appear dangerous through the use of carefully selected accessories and a carefree, effortless attitude.

Chuck Bass Inspired Clothing
  • Austin Reed 110th Anniversary Blue Textured JacketAustin Reed 110th Anniversary Blue Textured Jacket
  • Reiss Weatherby Db Classic Double Breasted Suit NavyReiss Weatherby Db Classic Double Breasted Suit Navy
  • Asos Skinny Fit Grey Check SuitAsos Skinny Fit Grey Check Suit
  • Turnbull & Asser Contrast-collar Striped Cotton ShirtTurnbull & Asser Contrast-collar Striped Cotton Shirt
  • Jaeger Blue With Red Stripe ShirtJaeger Blue With Red Stripe Shirt
  • Topman Blue Double Cuff Best ShirtTopman Blue Double Cuff Best Shirt
  • Ben Sherman Camden Pin Dot Sheen TrousersBen Sherman Camden Pin Dot Sheen Trousers
  • Reiss Fenchurch Slim Fit Tailored Trousers Light GreyReiss Fenchurch Slim Fit Tailored Trousers Light Grey
  • Topman Peoples Market BlazerTopman Peoples Market Blazer
  • Collezione Pure Cashmere Single Breasted 3 Button CoatCollezione Pure Cashmere Single Breasted 3 Button Coat
  • Turnbull & Asser Classic Paisley Woven-silk TieTurnbull & Asser Classic Paisley Woven-silk Tie
  • Reiss Flounder Paisley Print Cotton Airforce BlueReiss Flounder Paisley Print Cotton Airforce Blue
  • Lanvin Buttonhole Flower PinLanvin Buttonhole Flower Pin
  • Austin Reed Red Leather Clip BracesAustin Reed Red Leather Clip Braces
  • Turnbull & Asser Paisley-print Silk Pocket SquareTurnbull & Asser Paisley-print Silk Pocket Square
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The Bass Look on a Budget

At this point, I usually put together a series of example outfits. However, the lack of diversity in Chuck Bass’ look would make it somewhat limited. The style breakdown and lookbook above should give you the kind of detail needed to take inspiration from.

As an alternative, I’m going to put together a Chuck Bass look on a limited budget. As his style is very expensive (the man is, after all, a billionaire) and his wardrobe is sourced from the likes of Brooks Brothers and Turnbull & Asser, which fall out of the regular price range for many.

To start, you want a good suit with a slim fit and modern cut. By modern cut I mean the jacket shouldn’t go to far past your backside – a bum freezer if you will – and the waist should be tapered to some degree.

At a lower price range, the materials used aren’t going to be premium, but aim for something with a good proportion of natural fibres. This Marks and Spencer suit is 50% wool but at £149 it’s relatively well-priced considering the rates you can find yourself paying for 80%+ polyester equivalents.

If you’re working with a budget, pick a neutral colour for additional versatility. This indigo/navy is perfect and works great if your going to apply the Chuck Bass ethos of print, pattern and colour for the peripherals.

Moving on to the shirt. In my opinion, a stiff collar looks far better with a silk tie than a soft collar. For a good stiff collar, traditional shirt makers are often the best, such as Hawes & Curtis, Charles Tyrwhitt etc. Shopping the sales and flash promotions are a great way to find excellent examples at better prices. This stripe shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt is currently just under &20.

A navy silk spotted tie works great with the pink in the shirt. If you’re not sure on spots, paisley is also a fantastic choice with stripes. Don’t forget to pop in a pocket square in a Bass favoured puff fold.

Finally, brown shoes are a given when working with a navy suit. These 100% leather Derbies are a solid choice. Sock-wise, look to compliment your trousers and have the colour work with the rest of the palette of your wardrobe; these pink-ish socks do just that and are great for this look.

  • Autograph 2 Button Slim Fit Suit With WoolAutograph 2 Button Slim Fit Suit With Wool
  • Austin Reed Non Iron Pink Dobby Stripe ShirtAustin Reed Non Iron Pink Dobby Stripe Shirt
  • Navy Paisley Pocket SquareNavy Paisley Pocket Square
  • Reiss Morton Oxford Dot Tie BlueReiss Morton Oxford Dot Tie Blue
  • Topman Pink Neppy SocksTopman Pink Neppy Socks
  • Asos Lace Up Derby ShoesAsos Lace Up Derby Shoes

It’s safe to say that the finer details are what make Chuck Bass’ style standout. Whether it’s the aforementioned ties and pocket squares, the spread collar shirts or the statement socks, everything is given some attention and nothing is ever missed.

But what do you think of his look?

  • Are you a fan of the Chuck Bass look?
  • Do you think all style icons can be replicated on a budget?
  • Does his attention to detail match up to other icons?

Let us know in the comments below…