Winter Accessories - Men's Gloves

Now that the weather has truly turned and I had to de-ice my car this morning(!) I thought it was time to start showcasing some of the new winter accessory collections that have been released by multiple designers. Gloves seemed a good place to start as they are very versatile and nearly everyone has a pair for those horrible cold days. The thing with winter accessories is they are supposed to be practical as well as stylish because the weather is so cold and they literally are there to make you feel comfortable.

Like we pointed out with the Mac though, practical items can be stylish and I think we have come a long way from the old days of slipping on a pair of simple cotton gloves to keep warm. These days you have designers creating leather versions, patterned gloves, fashion mittens, suede versions, cut offs, and so many more. There are literally hundreds of types, varieties and colours so it is hard to know where to start and what type of glove you are looking for.

Leather and suede gloves have an air of formality associated with them and even give off a bit of class and extravagance. These would be great for mixing with suits, professional wear and relaxed formal outfits. Paired with a great leather man bag and either shoes or boots, you can create a really smart look with clean lines – whatever you are wearing. Cut off or fingerless gloves are a more fashion forward approach to this winter accessory that All Saints have really concentrated on this year. I am a big fan of the cut off glove for the worker wear and rocker looks this year, as they are slightly more edgy and would look great paired with a check shirt and/or leather jacket.

One of the trends that occurred last year within men’s gloves was the mitten coming back into favour within the fashion crowds. Yesterday I went into length about how people are looking for something different these days to stand out and how old or “unfashionable” items are picked up by the minority and then picked up as a trend by the majority after that. I think the mitten was one of these items because to me they are associated with being a kid and getting wrapped up warm by my Mum and Dad for cold days – doesn’t exactly scream style right?! But the new twist to mittens is that you can get cut off gloves with a mitten cover stitched onto the back that you can pull over when it gets cold to create a mitten… two looks in one really. This means you can rock the fashionable cut off style as part of your outfit, but also gives you the practicality of a mitten when it is TOO cold.

Gloves and simple accessories are really all about personal taste, I just want to show you the latest collections today that you can add to your wardrobe if necessary. I would recommend having a fashion type glove in a cut off, cuff/sleeve style or mitten hybrid, but then also recommend grabbing a great pair of slim leather/suede gloves to rock your more formal or relaxed formal looks. It is always good to have variety and these are very much inexpensive items that can help change or create a look instantly. Plus it’s freezing now so you need a pair in your life!

Men’s Gloves

I am going to split these down into type so you can find exactly what type of glove you are looking for.

Cut Off, Cuff or Sleeve Style

Mens Long Boiled Wool Gloves Exmore Gloves Mens Stamp Gloves

Cobalt Chunky Cuff Glove Black Cable Knit Cuff Glove Burgundy Fingerless Glove

ASOS Fingerless Gloves ASOS Retro Design Fingerless Gloves Cheap Monday Nova Knitted Arm Warmers

ASOS Retro Design Fingerless Gloves ASOS Cable Knit Long Sleeves Scotch & Soda Fairisle Gloves


Fairisle Mittens Grey Space Dye Mitten Glove G-Star Bronco Chop Gloves

Cheap Monday Alva Mittens Penfield Knitted Fingerless Mitten Penfield Knitted Fingerless Mitten

Acne Pop Gloves ASOS Sheepskin Mittens Carolyn Massey Mittens On A String


Dents Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves Diesel Arids Leather Gloves French Connection Boxed Leather Gloves

G-Star Leather Oxford Gloves Dents Exclusive Best Of British Tweed And Leather Gloves Gant Classic Leather Gloves

Ted Baker Rib Cuff Leather Gloves Acne Two Leather And Wool Glove Dents Suede Gloves

ASOS Leather Gloves Black Leather Knit Glove Black Patch Leather Glove

Branded Gloves
I have not put in the normal low price gloves that you can find in any shop because you can pick these up anywhere. Below you will find standard gloves made by some of your favourite designers like Lyle and Scott, G-Star, Fred Perry, Ralph Lauren and the like. These are for those who want to invest in a little bit of quality.

Polo Ralph Lauren Merino Wool Gloves Gant Solid Wool Knit Gloves G-Star Flaunt Original Gloves

Fred Perry Twin Tip Glove Lyle & Scott Wool and Acrylic Mix Tip Glove Lyle & Scott Wool and Acrylic Mix Tip Glove

Grey Lambswool Knit Gloves Navy Lambswool Knit Gloves Grey Block Stripe Gloves

Multi Stripe Gloves Grey Thin Stripe Gloves Blue Block Stripe Gloves