Before we get into this weeks icon I want to raise a quick point about the previous style icon published on site last week, Nicholas Hoult. Many of the comments were negative, and we appreciate you all being so honest about your thoughts. However, I chose Hoult as a guy to draw inspiration from because he often gets his tailoring and fit perfect, and this is a fundamental for getting menswear right and being seen as well dressed. This week I have chosen another young English actor/model who is in the same up and coming sartorial group as Nicholas, R-Patz and the like.

Douglas Booth

Born in 1992 in London, England, Douglas Booth is another English actor whose star is set to rise in the very near future. Having first seen Douglas Booth portraying the cultural icon Boy George in a BBC television drama last year, his career has gone from strength to strength ever since. Booth is set to appear opposite Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene in the film ‘LOL’ (set to be released later this year), and although it is not going to win him any serious acting awards, his presence will catapult him into the mainstream public eye.

His style credentials are also nothing to be sniffed at. He starred alongside Emma Watson in the 2010 Burberry advertising lookbooks/campaigns, finished 2nd in GQ’s Best Dressed List for 2011, and is on the expert judging panel (alongside Paul Smith) for my-wardrobe and Esquire’s joint search for Britain’s Best Dressed Real Man. Not bad for a guy who hasn’t even turned twenty yet.

Booth has admitted first hand that he loves his shopping, “I’m a bit of a sucker for shopping; if I could buy new clothes every day for the rest of my life I probably would.”

Douglas Booth Lookbook

Douglas Booth Look Book

Style Breakdown

Booth’s style is a mix of casual and smart, which keeps him looking great no matter what the occasion. He has a built up a wardrobe full of timeless basics, which form the building blocks for nearly every outfit he is spotted in. Whether it is a great leather jacket, statement trench coat, slim white shirt or simple tees, Douglas often combines these classic pieces together in an effortless way to create a refined but relaxed look; perfect for his age.

Douglas often creates slim, streamlined silhouettes within his outfits with the introduction of tailoring. He is often seen sporting a blazer (in a variety of neutral colours) with dark wash jeans in order to bring his outfits up a notch, whilst trench coats [top row, right] and double breasted over coats [bottom row, middle] can be substituted in for the same effect. Overall by getting the fit right, and creating these sharp lines within his looks, he looks like a well dressed young male.

He is definitely not one to experiment will bold colours or brash patterns. In fact, the closest thing we have seen to a pattern in images of him is a graphic tee paired underneath his blazer [third row, middle]. He prefers to use classic colours and timeless styles in order to create his looks but will often create individualisation through materials picked, statement items, and clashing of styles; a good example of this would be the introduction of white jeans [bottom row, right] into an otherwise quite standard (and neutral) outfit.

Today we are going to do things slightly differently and break down 4 of Douglas’ key looks, showing how and and why they work:

Leather Jacket, Jeans, Military Boots & Tear-drop White Tee

This is a great casual look [second row, middle] that can also be adapted into an evening outfit. The leather jacket is an essential piece for any man, and can be easily dressed up or down by varying your surrounding pieces. Try throwing on your leather jacket with typical formal wear – such as a trousers, shirt and tie combination – to create a clashing of styles and a bit of edginess to an otherwise traditional outfit.

Here Douglas has utilised his key basics but worn some real statement military boots to set himself apart. When mixed with the hard leather jacket, it produces a tough but easy to wear outfit that all men can recreate on a daily basis. Timeless basics will serve you well no matter the year or season, so make sure you build your wardrobe from the ground up – don’t neglect the essentials. Once you have done this then feel free to integrate new statement footwear, jackets, accessories and the like to define your personal ‘look’.

  • Coerce Leather Jacket
  • ASOS Teardrop Neckline T-Shirt
  • Edwin ED55 Japanese Granite Tapered Jeans
  • All Saints Demise Boot
Grey blazer, Black Jeans, Military Boots & White Tee

So now we can see how we could dress the previous outfit up easily for a smarter and more refined look. This outfit [second row, left] would be perfect for a night out or date with your girlfriend/potential suitor. We have kept the building blocks the same; the white tee is a timeless basic, and the dark wash slim jeans give us a streamlined silhouette. Black wash jeans are perfect if you want to pull off a more relaxed formal look, as they look smarter than lighter or indigo jean washes, whilst at the same time are not as formal as trousers.

This time Booth has subbed out the leather jacket for a much smarter light grey blazer. The perfect suit separate, a grey blazer will serve you very well throughout the year. It is extremely versatile, and will anchor most colours and patterns in a refined manner. Again we are integrating military boots to add an edge to our look, but these are a lot more subtle and smarter than the previous pair, which suit the overall aesthetic of the outfit much better.

Finish the outfit with your own personal touches. You can see how Booth has added his own ring and sunglasses, whilst he has also pushed the blazer sleeves up to show he is ready to have some fun, rather than work.

  • Lexington Blazer
  • UNCONDITIONAL N18 Leaf White T-Shirt
  • Burberry Brit Shoreditch Slim Jeans
Navy Suit, White Shirt & Black Shoes

A great alternative to the typical black or grey suit, navy is a timeless colour that will serve you well no matter the occasion. Matt Allison even gave it essential status when he produced a full guide to the navy suit in his basics series. As we all know by now, fit is KEY – so take time to get your suit tailored or your measurements taken professionally.

Here Douglas shows the perfect way to wear a suit casually [third row, right]. By simply leaving a couple of buttons undone on your shirt and losing the belt altogether (another reason to make sure it fits your waist perfectly), you suddenly give off a much more relaxed and playful vibe, rather than giving the impression you are on your way to the office. This would be a perfect look for a summer wedding reception, or smart/casual party invite. A classic and elegant look, you can add flair with the introduction of a patterned pocket square or a bolder coloured shirt – a pink or pale yellow here would really set you apart from the crowd.

Other options for summer would be a pale blue suit or lighter material options such as linen or seersucker. Remember that with a navy suit you can pair black or brown shoes with it easily, as it lends itself well to either colour. Below we have recreated the look using an on trend pair of black monk strap shoes, again playing on the more relaxed approach to formal wear.

  • ASOS Slim Fit Blue Suit
  • hudson cosgrove leather shoe
Bright Blue Trousers, Trainers, Shirt & Metallic Jacket

Douglas isn’t always so classic and safe in his clothing choices. In this outfit [bottom row, left], he shows his youthful and experimental side by utilising some amazing bold blue trousers and combining it with a hi-shine or metallic blue blazer. These two variations on a traditional neutral (navy) will help you stand out in a room full of similar outfits. You don’t have to go over the top to stand out; be bold and daring by choosing patterns, fabrics and brighter hues than you would usually to start your journey into becoming an individual.

Here he anchors it with his trusty white shirt (wardrobe essential), allowing the jacket and trousers to take centre stage. You could easily swap out the shirt for a white polo if you wanted to give off an even more relaxed vibe, with the casual white canvas trainers playing on this further.

With the addition of a white belt this outfit embodies the nautical trend (through colours and key pieces) and is a prime example of how to dress on trend subtly whilst retaining your individuality; none of us should be aiming to look like a caricature of the trend you are going for.

  • Selected One Tax Polished Cotton Blazer
  • paul smith london Cuff detail cotton shirt
  • Junk De Luxe Kirk Slim Fit Chinos
  • Vans Vault LX Woven Check Slip On Trainer
More Inspired By Clothing

Here is a further collection of items inspired by the Douglas Booth look book above:

  • Camel Belted 3/4 Trench Coat
  • Cropped Military Boot
  • Contrast Denim Shirt
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Baracuta Jacket
  • j lindeberg Mens Eddie Lefthand Dark Blue Denim Jeans
  • River Island Topcoat
  • Burgundy Casual Shirt
  • john varvatos star usa<br /> Bowery jeans
  • RELIGION Smoking Skull Grey Marl T-Shirt
  • Meuse Leather Jacket
  • Selected Two Slim White Jean
  • nudie jeans Mens Axel White Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Maison Martin Margiela Contrasting Weave Cotton Cardigan
  • Kenneth Cole Shadow stripe with Twin white stripe formal shirt

Douglas is a young Brit who utilises timeless basics to create everyday looks which are effortless and refined. He is someone to take inspiration from whether you are old or young, and should be admired for the way he has built a classic and versatile wardrobe at such a young age.