Minimum Clothing Winter 2012 Collection

Danish brand Minimum has released its winter 2012 lookbook. Embracing Scandinavian style and creating a plethora of interesting outfits, Minimum’s clothing is decidedly designed for living in – not as fodder for an over styled lookbook. Minimum offers a collection that is, above all else, designed to be worn.

Fitting for a brand that claims to “create the link between denim and designer”, the collection is one that bridges several gaps. The line between smart and casual is toed – suits, blazers and neckwear are mixed with jeans, bodywarmers and casual shirts – and interesting combinations of pieces ensure that the collection itself is not divided in to distinct segments.

In a similar vein, the divide between town and country is also bridged, with rugged, functional wear shown alongside stylish tailoring. Little details such as tucking suit trousers into slightly higher cut formal boots mix these distinct aesthetics without over-imposing them.

In line with its brand name, the collection achieves a functional minimalism. Whilst not foregrounded, it relies on a few simple combinations of pieces to create a set of looks that are more than the sum of their parts. Details are used to great effect, making each piece individual without screaming it in your face. Indeed, this collection could serve as a textbook example of how a fairly small wardrobe can contend with the most expansive.

Overall, Minimum Clothing has produced a lookbook that showcases a versatile range of clothing that allows a multitude of looks to be created from a minimal selection of items. However, this efficiency does not come at the cost of individually unremarkable pieces. The detailing, patterns and textures utilised ensures that each piece can hold its own without dominating the outfit.

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Minimum Clothing Winter 2012 Collection Lookbook:

Minimum Clothing Winter 2012 Collection